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The Sweden Bucket List

As detailed on a previous post, I have a small list of things I really want to do out in Sweden. This is where I document all the things I *want* to do and when I actually achieve them.

1) See the Northern Lights

2) Visit the Ice Hotel

3) Take a photo with a reindeer

4) Get a job

5) Visit Lund

6) Visit Stockholm

7) Steampunk Festival

8) See Miss Li live

9) Get involved with a choir

10) Study at University

11) hold a full-length conversation with someone in Swedish

12) See a St. Lucia celebration

13) Visit ‘Liseberg at Christmas’

14) Try ‘lussebulle’


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  1. There are a few things you could add.

    Go watch Santa Lucia day, it’s soon. All the Swedes will put firey candles on little girls head and watch them sing songs about a woman who was burned alive in Italy.

    Try the Swedish foods, and the festivals surrounding some of them. The crayfish party is my favourite. Lots of schnapps and lots of fish. It makes for a wonderful next day.

    Visit Finland. It’s so close and so different.

    Visit Denmark. Same as above but with more liberal alcohol laws.

    Drink some glug, ’tis the season for it, and it tastes great with ginger-crackers.

    Avoid these biscuits:

    Join in on the conversations on It’s full of trolls and ex-pats who hate each other and the Swedes, but it’s also helpful at times for asking questions.


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