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en jätte arbetsam vecka

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Yep, this week (and indeed the week before) has been incredibly exhausting and full of exam invigilation and general insanity, combined with some brilliant moments of wonder and unfortunately, quite a bit of illness. Again.

Firstly, I managed to hurt my hand doing the washing up or something on Wednesday, and so have been running around with a bandaged wrist for a few days, then I developed Emil’s cold and started to lose my voice ( not badly though, so it’s ok) and finally, I’ve found myself suffering from another rather irritating mild illness for which I had to fork out £15 for the treatment ( don’t worry – nothing too bad, just the usual). It’s left me rather annoyed.

If you combine with this the fact that I had already visited the doctor once this week and suffered a severe amount of arguing with them, I think I’m safe in saying that I disapprove of the ridiculousness that is caring for my own health and I would quite like it if my body would just work properly and do things correctly without needing all this silly maintenance that seems to be necessary. Hmph.

However, on the upside, I did manage to finally hand in my notice on Wednesday, so I’m officially leaving at the end of term. Huzzah!

My students do not know. This shall be interesting.