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We have full fat milk at the moment  because of the baking I was doing today, and I’m used to semi skimmed or skimmed milk. For some strange reason full fat milk now tastes like UHT milk to me if I drink it in tea.

That is, it tastes genuinely awful. It’s nice on it’s own, but in tea? Somehow it just tastes wrong. I suppose it’s good really but it’s very odd.

Strangely enough though, in Sweden, Full fat milk is in a red carton, semi skimmed is green and skimmed is blue. This I find really confusing as it’s the opposite way around in the UK, where red-top is skimmed, green-top is semi, and blue-top is full fat ( we also have gold top, which is Jersey milk and is even creamier). There’s also the carton thing, which i find really odd too: Swedish milk comes in cartons, whereas in the UK it comes either in glass or plastic bottles.

And as a result of this observation on my part, I now have a song stuck in my head:




Födelsedag imorgon

Yep… tomorrow I turn 23.

Three cards have arrived at the flat and are currently waiting on top of my desk for the morning when I get to open them.

It feels slightly strange because my birthday is usually a huge occasion in the UK, and I have lots of people come out for dinner and we all go out clubbing too. This year I’ve invited some of the steampunks over for a tea party in the evening, complete with lots of cake and board games. Hopefully it will be good fun.

However, for that to happen I have to bake my cake, and I haven’t quite gotten that far yet… Time to get baking I suppose!

Danmark Dagstur

Stena Line

Stena Line (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday was a pretty interesting day. Emil and I took the ferry to Denmark with Stena Line for a daytrip. It only cost us 99kr each and it was certainly quite a cool adventure. We got up at 7.15 and had breakfast, before making our way to the ferry in time to sail at 9.15 am. Our ferry went to Frederikshavn, a small town of 25,000 people in the North.

The ferry there was fun. I had pancakes and lots of coffee and then just watched the world go by from our seats about halfway down the ferry. After a while i got bored and decided to go for a wander, at which i discovered that in the lounge area towards the back of the ferry there was a lego exhibit-thing, with a lego R2D2. I dragged Emil to see it and got a photograph of him with it. ( see facebook if you’re a facebook person – I try to avoid photographs of us on here.)

We also spent a little time out on the sun deck, which was rather on the chilly side, although I must admit i didn’t rain at all yesterday. In fact, I was pretty surprised by how good the weather was yesterday – cloudy with outbreaks of sun. Not bad at all!

Anyhow, on our arrival we wandered down the incredibly long bridge that brought us into Frederikshavn. It’s known as the cash hose, presumably because the Swedes seem to come over purely to go to the pub ( on the way back I’d say roughly a quarter of the pedestrian crossers were people we’d seen in the morning who had gone for a ‘booze cruise’ – and I thought the Brits were bad).

Frederikshavn in a low sun Frederikshavn in a ...

Frederikshavn in a low sun Frederikshavn in a low sun (Photo credit: boegh)

We then went into town, where we found a band playing christmas songs and dressed up in santa outfits. we watched them for a while and went on a bit of a tour of the town, before deciding we were hungry and eating our packed lunch along with a cup of tea from a café we found on the way.

After this we decided to go on a hunt for the ‘palm beach’ mentioned in the little tourist brochure we had found on the boat. Unfortunately most of the museums seemed to be closed at the weekends, so we decided that a beach might be a better bet for us to try to find. I LOVE the sea, so finding a sand beach, particularly if it has anything even approximating waves,  is always something that makes me smile.

Our walk was lovely. We found some really pretty spots even if the palm beach itself was a disappointment ( the palms are put away indoors in winter, unlike in Falmouth) but the beach was made out of shell sand, and so was more like flour – greyish white, than the golden sands i’m used to. it was nice to walk on other than the sharp bits of shell that could catch your feet, and there were small waves (read: 1 foot high tops).

On our return to town, we discovered that all the shops and cafés had shut. We didn’t think it had taken us *that* long to visit the beach, but it turns out that in Denmark shops seem to shut at around 2pm on saturdays and don’t open at all on sundays – something that seems incredibly weird to me!. We got into a fast food place and I tried pølse sausages, which are basically like hot dogs but red, and that was quite nice.

After this we wandered around a bit longer and then headed back to the ferry waiting room a full three and a half hours early to sit and wait in the warm.

Things I learnt from visiting Denmark:

– Go during the week in off season – otherwise nothing will be open at all
– Danish sounds like Drunk Swedish with a cold – I don’t like it nearly as much as Swedish (sorry Danish friends!)
– pølse are ok but nothing that special
– Danes do, however, seem to have lots of Chinese restaurants, which I approve of ( Gothenburg is lacking in good ones)
– The Danish coast path is wonderful
– The public toilets are AWFUL!

We got a meal on the boat on the way back of beef with roast potatoes, bearnaise sauce and brown sauce (although they were actually more like thick cut chips/wedges and the brown sauce was actually gravy). It was wonderful! Really tasty. It cost 109 kr (£11) but included bread and butter and I also managed to get three cups of tea at the same time for not much more, which was wonderful.

In conclusion, the entire day out for one cost me roughly £35, including pancakes, 2 cups of coffee, 4 cups of tea and a meal of roast beef and potatoes, as well as my return ticket. Not a bad price for a day trip to a foreign country. And those views were beautiful, and well worth it.


Te: Part 3 av Många

This is becoming a bit of a regular feature.

I’ve posted two tea-related videos so far. I’m pretty sure you’ll find them in my tags and categories, so I won’t bore you by relinking them here.

Today’s tea videos (for there are a few) are from a man I have met on several occasions and who is, quite simply, delightfully weird. His name: Professor Elemental.

The first video is of my favorite song of his, often quoted by the Emil: Cup of Brown Joy.


The next video of his is actually a rapped version of a very old song from the 1930s by a Mr Jack Buchanan. It is the delightful Everything stops for tea:




Te: part 2 av många

So a few days ago I posted a video about tea done by the Yorkshire Tea people. I know, this might be a really random thing to start talking about really, but to me, tea really is the best drink in the world. However, it must be made correctly to make it worth drinking.

Doc Brown’s tea rap is one of my favorite things in the world. Whilst I was working as a TA in the UK, one of my students actually rapped the whole thing for me, substituting all the rude words for slightly milder versions. It made my day.

As such, for your viewing pleasure, I would like to share My Proper Tea: