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En Kväll på Operan och en dag på Museet

I’m sat in my living room listening to the rain outside. It’s the sort of rain that’s relaxing to listen to: storm levels of rain but no wind or thunder, just rain. Curled up in my dressing gown and blanket, a cup of tea in one hand, it’s somehow serene. I am, however, very grateful that I don’t have to go out in it, though.

This week’s been quite eventful really. Sunday kicked it all off with Emil’s Concert in Kungalv. The concert was a musical quiz, and each piece of music was to do with at least one question. I went with a few of Emil’s family members to it, specifically his mum , grandad, and his grandad’s ( for want of any other word) ‘lady-friend’ Britt. Emil’s Grandad and Britt don’t speak much English. I ended up speaking a bit of Swedish with them – not as impressively as my last outburst of Swedish with Emil’s parents, but still – it was at least partially understandable, because we did have a short conversation.  The quiz was more in the form of a crossword, and whilst we didn’t finish the crossword, there were at least a few questions that I got the answers to on my own. It was very enjoyable, not least because one of the pieces of music was Pomp and Circumstance, which is a guilty pleasure of mine.

Monday was Viking Lecture again, coupled with meeting up with Nina and setting the world to rights via a visit to Knapp Carlsson’s ( the button store). The lecture was alright too.

Tuesday was a visit to the Gothenburg City Museum with my Viking Class. It was fun to go around the Viking Exhibit with a few other people, even if I admit I didn’t end up paying attention to our lecturers much, and went off ahead with Hayley to look at stuff on our own a bit and to chat about Game of Thrones. We got quite irritated with the number of typos in the English versions of the texts on the walls. With some of it I could understand – the errors were clearly from direct translation from the Swedish, but some of them were literally just bad proof-reading. Generally speaking, I love  the museum there – It has a couple of really wonderful exhibits, and I particularly love the hundred year old piece of film footage of someone going around on the tram and looking at what the city looked like a hundred years ago. It’s so fun to watch!

After the museum I sat outside on the steps at Brunnsparken and read a bit. It was beautiful sunshine and I didn’t feel like going straight home. I called Emil and he met me there, with the idea of going to Eriksberg for a bit. In the end we ended up doing useful stuff instead (read: I sat in Condeco whilst he went to the Bank to organise Society stuff), but it was still lovely.

Wednesday was a bit boring. I ended up inciting Emil’s Panic Monster to get his PhD application finished. However, in the evening I rediscovered Disney’s Atlantis, which was great. I forgot how much I like that movie, and also quite how much Milo looks * exactly* like Daniel from Stargate. Seriously – it’s the same character as well!

Yesterday was quite good too. I woke up quite late but when i did get up ended up going for a walk. It was a lovely day and quite mild out, so I just kept walking. I ended up coming from Korsvagen through Avenyn, up to Vasa, through Haga and ending up at Jarntorget. The idea initially was to find Emil a present, because he’s been lovely recently, but I didn’t find anything good unfortunately. As I arrived at Jarntorget, Three Fire Engines went past, followed by a white vehicle of some type with flashing blues. Evidently something big, I thought. I got on the tram, and a fire car came past, then an Ambulance with sirens and blues. As we went down towards Linneplatsen, I saw that they had all parked up around the outside of the toy shop with the big lego sign. The staff were all looking chilly and stood outside, and several firemen in full breathing apparatus were heading into the shop. I didn’t see any fire ( or even any smoke) but seeing as it’s quite a big block and buildings here seem to be made of a considerable amount of flammable material, I suppose the large-scale reaction may have been as a precaution. I haven’t seen anything online about it, so i guess it can’t have been too bad.

In the evening we went to see La Cage Aux Folles at the Gothenburg Opera. It was AMAZING! It was the Swedish version of it, but I still understood what was happening, and parts of it moved me almost to tears. I would fully recommend seeing it to anyone who is considering it – seriously – It’s a great story, and I must say all of the dancers have the nicest legs in the world ( seriously.)



Dansa och Megaloppis

Yesterday was quite a busy day. As I mentioned already, we went bowling in Gamlestaden and had semla there too. However, that wasn’t the half of it.

After we returned home we had a few minutes of peace before chaos reigned again as both Emil and I got ready to go out (although the going out was to two different places!) Emil had a ticket to go and see Mnozil Brass play in a nearby town, and was going with his band friends. Just before he left they all found out that due to a plane strike in Frankfurt the band was running three hours late, but nevertheless, they went and really enjoyed it, arriving home at around 2am.

I, on the other hand, was going out dancing. Nina had promised that they’d show me how to dance ‘Bugg‘ which is, as i gather, a bit like a swedish variation of the jitterbug, and apparently there was a dancing night at a local casino. So, I dressed up in my favourite blue (slightly rockabilly but not entirely) dress, and dolled up with make-up, before heading over to Nina and Niklas’s  flat for a bite to eat and a board game with them and one of their other friends. We played Suburbia (I think that was the name), which was pretty fun, and were randomly attacked by Nina’s amazing flying kitten ( whose favourite games seem to be chasing my red-painted fingernails and pretending to be a parrot).

Soon it was time to go and we headed into town to Casino Cosmopol, not too far from Nordstan. It is, as suggested, a casino (one of only a few in the country). We paid entry (30kr) and then headed in. The band wasn’t that good to just stand and listen to, but it was great for dancing to, and Niklas is a very good dancer and great at teaching (and was also very patient when I screwed things up!). Within a few minutes I was dizzily twirling across the dancefloor. It was brilliant fun! Nina and I took turns dancing with Niklas as Joakim didn’t feel like joining in. In between Joakim and I were people watching, which is also a lot of fun. We were there from about 10 until 1.15 – a good sign of how good it was! I felt it was brilliant value as well – 30kr for entry, including wardrobe and free water on the side. In all, that made it cheaper than the nights out I would go on in the UK.

Niklas and I spent a while nattering after we got outside which was also very nice, and I then took the tram home. As I arrived at my home stop, I got of the tram and realise what a nice evening it was. For a few minutes I considered going for a bit of a walk. At this point, it dawned on me just how much safer it feels in Sweden than the UK at night: In the UK going for a walk on my own at 1.30AM would be unthinkable anywhere I’ve previously lived. Even in Cornwall it’d be unwise. In Sweden, not only did I come home on my own on public transport at 1.30AM, but it would be quite unlikely that I would have any problems if I went for a walk at that time – even on a friday night/saturday morning! I must admit, it’s really nice and quite freeing to feel able to do that. It’s a shame things aren’t so good in the UK. In Reading I rarely would go out of the house past 9pm on my own, and when I did I’d often either have comments thrown at me or feel unsafe. It’s very strange to see the difference.

In the end I decided to go straight home as I was thirsty. I stayed up until Emil got back, and he super-excitedly told me all about the concert, which he loved, and the fact that they had done thriller.

Today we went to Svenska Massan (which is just around the corner from us) for a massive flea market. Imagine a flea market the size of MCM Expo, for my UK friends, and I kid you not, that was the size of this one. We met up with Nina and Niklas again to go to this, and whilst we were inside we saw another friend – Sara.  I bought a set of sugar tongs for 20kr, and a few bits of netting with which to make some new petticoats. It was really good and I got some great bargains.

Since I got back I’ve been baking. Emil has a concert tomorrow and they’re going to have free Fika in the break and so he volunteered my baking talents towards this. As such, my kitchen is currently full of the aroma of Lemon Drizzle cake and Blueberry muffins. Both have come out in quantities slightly larger than I expected, but tests by the chief taste-tester (read: Emil) suggest that they’ve worked well. I’m actually very tempted to cook some more, as my sister linked a recipe for 7 calorie brownies earlier and I’m itching to try making them.

Födelsedag imorgon

Yep… tomorrow I turn 23.

Three cards have arrived at the flat and are currently waiting on top of my desk for the morning when I get to open them.

It feels slightly strange because my birthday is usually a huge occasion in the UK, and I have lots of people come out for dinner and we all go out clubbing too. This year I’ve invited some of the steampunks over for a tea party in the evening, complete with lots of cake and board games. Hopefully it will be good fun.

However, for that to happen I have to bake my cake, and I haven’t quite gotten that far yet… Time to get baking I suppose!

Jul på Liseberg

Saturday was spent at Jul på Liseberg in Gothenburg with ‘Steampunk in Gothenburg’, dressed to the nines in my brand new steampunk outfit especially for the occasion. Nina came over to get changed at mine, so when it came to time to leave, the three of us ( Me, Nina and Emil, were looking fabulous). […]

Min hektisk vecka

This is a long post comprising a lot of days of stuff, so I apologise in advance!

So this week involved a whole lot of writing, a considerable amount of not writing, and an even more considerable amount of complaining


about the fact that I was not writing when I should have been writing. I’m currently about 3333 words behind on my book for Nano, but I’ve also done a considerable amount of stuff recently… not that I can really remember precisely what I’ve done…

Sunday I went to a fabric fayre with Nina and her mum, which was a lot of fun, I got a couple of scrap bags and it was great! Afterwards, Emil’s grandad came. I think I mentioned this already on here, but I’ve gotten so sidetracked that I can’t remember what you all know and what you don’t!

Tuesday I went and bought fabric with Nina. We spent three hours in the fabric store, and I managed to buy an insane amount of fabric at this shop for 230kr, which is amazing. I had some teal t-shirt-like fabric (150cm x 150cm), some dark brown with teal suit-fabric (also 150cm x 150 cm), some dark brown with teal houndstooth woolen fabric for my cape ( 200cm x 150ish cm) and a chunk of fur fabric to make a muff ( which is 50 cm by something, but 75cm sounds way too short, so I don’t know how big it is). I could easily go back to the fabric store and buy a whole load more of their fabric, it was so nice, and that’s a really decent price for all that fabric, as I could no way have bought it in the UK for that! That also happened to be firework night, so Emil bought me sparklers and I watched V for Vendetta with Nina too. Unfortunately my DVD is now fried ( after a considerable 6 years of near-constant use)

Wednesday afternoon we went to see Thor 2: the Dark World. I spent a lot of it laughing, or generally diverted in other ways (hee! another fanservice shot of Hemsworth’s rippling and gorgeous abs!) I was a bit bemused by the lack of sweet popcorn, but seeing as I’m not really a fan of popcorn anyway, it was fine. The film was in English with Swedish subtitles, which was quite cool – first time I’ve gone to the cinema and seen a film with subtitles in the cinema which is odd, but yeah. Half of the adverts were in English too, which was quite depressing really – I quite like watching Swedish adverts because it’s interesting working out how much I understand. They’re making a film of the Hundred Year-old man who climbed out of his window, and I really want to see it, but I don’t think my Swedish is good enough to cope with the swedish parts of it. I read the translated version of the book, and loved it. Maybe I’ll just suck it up and go and see it anyway, otherwise I shall just have to wait until it comes out on DVD.

My very own Kladdkaka

My very own Kladdkaka

Thursday… was Kladdkaka day. Yep – that’s right, on the 7th November every year it’s Chocolate Mudcake day! I made my own Kladdkaka after an appeal for kladdkaka recipes to my facebook friends, who provided me with a basic kladdkaka recipe. The Emil approved of my Kladdkaka, which made me very happy. I think it isn’t gooey enough to be real kladdkaka, but never mind – there’s always next time!

On Friday Emil and I went to Essensspecialisten (?) which is a brewing shop down the road for us, to collect the necessaries to begin production of our own mead. Yes – that’s right – we’re making our own mead. It’s really cheap and easy to do, so we thought – why not? So we now have a glass demijohn, a few kilos of honey, and a few bits of equipment which look like a chemistry set to fiddle with.

Seriously – I LOVE mead, and I LOVE anything which involves insane equipment to make it. I did an A level in chemistry at Sixth Form and my final project was the chemical synthesis of Aspirin, combined with several tests on the aspirin content of different Aspirin tablets ( just so you know, the cheapest ones at Tesco in 2008 contained far less Aspirin than stated on the packet according to my research, and when I sent off letters to the manufacturers and to Tesco, I never received any response regarding my data, in spite of several letters sent by recorded post – make of that what you will). I think I must’ve gotten close to full marks on that project, because my exam grades sucked and yet I came out  with a grade B overall.

Anyhow – on Saturday (yesterday) we met up with Emil’s friend Rasmus, and had coffee at Café Watergate on the German Bridge. It’s a tiny café – only room for five or six people at most in there, but it’s very pretty. We also then went to buy a raincoat for Rasmus and then came home and had lunch, which consisted of Varm Korv, beans and chips. It was tasty actually! Afterwards we went and found the honey to make the mead and then we went over to Nina and her boyfriend’s for part of their Moving-in Convention. This might not make sense to some people, but  basically, because they enjoy board games, they decided to have a Board Game Convention rather than a Moving in party, and spread it over three days. Last night we played Niagara, Ticket to Ride, and Kingdom Builder, by doing a sort of swappy thing where we were in teams and swapped so that we were all playing part of the game for a bit and all got a go at each game. It was a lot of fun. Afterwards, a group of us played ticket to ride together, and Emil won. It was very slow though, because we kept chattering and getting sidetracked by the music in our heads and ended up singing lots of random songs, making all the geeky references and generally being awesome. We had a full-on harmony going when we started singing Bicycle Race by Queen! Furthermore, we even had a game of Mornington Crescent going on, which was fun, seeing as it did sort of go with the game we were playing at the time!

Overall, a fun but hectic week. Today I’m going to try and get some sewing and cleaning done, as well as attempt to catch up on my writing.

It also happens to be father’s day today in Sweden, so I’m sending my Dad a massive shout-out. I’ve emailed him already so he knows I’ve sent my love ❤

Also – I’ve found that some of my posts seem to be disappearing or not visible on my main page. I think it might be to do with the wordpress updates, but I’m not certain. Anyone else having trouble?