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My name is Charlie. I’m a 23-year-old Teaching Assistant from the south-western corner of the  British Isles. In September, I’m embarking upon the trip of a lifetime: I am moving to Göteborg (that’s Gothenburg to me or you) in Sweden.

Yes, I know, it sounds like a mild case of insanity, but basically I’m leaving the UK so that I can follow my Swedish boyfriend back to his hometown and fulfill my lifelong ambition of living abroad for a while. The idea is to hopefully stay abroad for a year, but who knows what will happen? I’ll be there for a minimum of six initially three months, and we’ll work it all out from there. This blog is basically here to chart my journeys, my trials and tribulations, and basically so that I have a lovely little record of all of the things I have done and am doing to make Operation Sverige a success. There are and will be ups and downs, particularly whilst I try to navigate the bureaucracy behind everything, but fingers crossed everything will work out fine!

I’m a historian by training and a Teaching Assistant by job. I’m interested in Steampunk and I sew, cook, make jewellery, write and generally make things. I also paint and draw, and play an insane amount of Guild Wars 2. My boyfriend makes robots and 3D printers, and both of us are total geeks.

EDIT: As of January 2014 I’ve been studying at University in Gothenburg, and so I’ll now be here until June, making my visit 9 months-ish long.


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  1. Two total geeks seems a good match!

  2. I wish you good luck! It’s tough moving to another country but fascinating as well. Yep, they don’t get Halloween right and they’re still missing a lot of good food, but in return we get semlor and lussekatter (all upcoming this winter in case you haven’t tried them yet). Semla – ahhhhh…….


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