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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Gothcon, Påsk, Oslo och andra saker

The last few weeks have been insanely busy, which is part of the reason for my lack of posts.

Easter this year was mostly marked by the existence of Gothcon – the biggest (or one of them) and oldest tabletop gaming convention in Sweden. I spent my weekend helping to run the steampunk room, with pretty much every waking moment spent in our makeshift airship in one of the rooms. We did crafting, fika, tea-duelling and other such things, and it was brilliant fun. I also got the opportunity to watch ‘Shoggoth on the roof’ – a version of fiddler on the roof which includes Cthulu, who can effectively be described as the apocalyptic monster that you had nightmares about as a kid (if you’re not someone with any knowledge of Lovecraft)

I also visited Oslo last week with Hayley and the Emil. We managed to do the Viking Ship museum, the Historical Museum, the palace, the opera house, and we even managed to see the parliament – all on one day-trip on foot and one boat. Loved it, but Gothenburg is nicer.

Yesterday I went on a field-trip with the university to several sites of significance for my viking course. We went to Vanhem and Skara, and i went up the terrifying staircase to the gallery and looked down twenty metres to the floor with only a thin railing there. terrifying but very pretty. the others went up the tower, but that was too much for me – i’m mildly claustrophobic as well as being – not so much afraid of heights, but afraid of depths, and I have a severe dislike of staircases which goes back so far it’s not worth thinking about. Nevertheless – i got some good photographs.

What else? I’ve been gaming, applying for jobs in the UK, studying, learning Swedish, attempting to write an essay, failing to write an essay, watching game of thrones…

Not the best update ever, but at least, I hope, more interesting than nothing! I’ll try to post up some photos soon.



Ooops…. I forgot to blog in a while.

Wow…. sorry for the total lack of posting in a considerable while. My life suddenly became incredibly hectic.

Things I’ve done in the last few weeks:

-another CISV camp

– Began volunteering with ABF vuxen

– LOTS of baking

– started swedish lessons.

– watching Game of Thrones at least once a week.

– Presentation at uni

– begun playing World of Darkness courtesy friend from America and a few other people

-visited Slottskogen and the moose and penguins with friends

– reorganised my flat so we now have a library

-visited a new retro-café literally around the corner from me.

– Emil’s dad crashed into a tram whilst on his bike

-visited the house we almost moved into

– found out my best friend from home is having a baby

– Angbatsfika

– bought my ticket home to the UK.

So yes, seriously…. it’s been so flipping busy. I’ve been enjoying it, but in terms of time? I have none.  Like seriously…. none. Between Swedish lessons and everything else, my life has suddenly become a whirlwind where even sleep suffers dramatically. So there’s that. I’ll try to write a few posts about all of this stuff, because lots of it is really interesting (like Slottskogen, which is beautiful and full of fantastic animals, or the new café which i heartily recommend). Some of it could probably do with a bit of qualification too – Emil’s dad is ok, by the way – 7 broke ribs, but ok. Others are either fun stories or I have some brilliant photographs of… so yes.

At the weekend I’m going to branno, and hopefully a daytrip to Oslo on Wednesday, if we can get that organised. We also have the steampunk party coming up in may, Gothcon coming up at the end of the month and a few flashmobs on the horizon.