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We have full fat milk at the moment  because of the baking I was doing today, and I’m used to semi skimmed or skimmed milk. For some strange reason full fat milk now tastes like UHT milk to me if I drink it in tea.

That is, it tastes genuinely awful. It’s nice on it’s own, but in tea? Somehow it just tastes wrong. I suppose it’s good really but it’s very odd.

Strangely enough though, in Sweden, Full fat milk is in a red carton, semi skimmed is green and skimmed is blue. This I find really confusing as it’s the opposite way around in the UK, where red-top is skimmed, green-top is semi, and blue-top is full fat ( we also have gold top, which is Jersey milk and is even creamier). There’s also the carton thing, which i find really odd too: Swedish milk comes in cartons, whereas in the UK it comes either in glass or plastic bottles.

And as a result of this observation on my part, I now have a song stuck in my head:




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