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Weathering the storm

I appear to have come down with the Swedish equivalent of Freshers’ Flu this week: a cold that’s left me unable to breathe through my nose at all, aches, pains and general ill symptoms, and so I’ve been quite rightfully curling up in a corner with my laptop and gaming, in between working on my uni work for the most part.

I have, however, been keeping an eye on what’s happening in the UK, particularly this awful weather. The internet is full of photographs of the damage that has occurred over the last few weeks, but today the only rail connection between Cornwall and the rest of the UK has been severed at Dawlish by the storm, that’s before we even go into all the other photos of the horror that is befalling my beloved home county. It’s quite terrifying to see what has happened to my coastline. Particularly of note is The Watering Hole at Perranporth, which happens to be my favourite bar in the land. The amount of sand that has been stripped away from in front of it is terrifying, and they’ve finally resorted to putting rocks up in front of it to try to protect it from the elements.

Anyhow, today we spent a good few hours at Condeco near Linnéplatsen. Lovely coffee shop with good vanilla lattés, and plenty of plug sockets with which to charge various devices. Got a considerable amount of article-reading done and had a lovely couple of productive hours with the Emil. It was quite good, actually.

Now, if I get my postal vote dealt with by the end of the day all will be perfect!




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I'm Charlie I spent a year living in Sweden and I'm now a full time librarian in a primary school in the UK. In my spare time I have an allotment, I sew and I bake.

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