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Daily Archives: January 20, 2014

Jag är en student!

I’m a student again! Huzzah!

I’ve been on campus three times today already: Firstly, this morning, I went to sort out my website account so that i could log in and get to all of my information. I hadn’t been there for five minutes before i met two people I already know. Emelie stuck about with me whilst i got everything done then showed me the library and how everything works at GU’s library. She also then came down for a cup of tea at my flat.

After lunch I then went back up to the uni for my first lecture. There are about 30 people on my course and it was quite interesting for a first lecture: we got through practical matters and then started work on one of the poetic eddas, which was interesting. I’ve read a few of them before, but not the one we particularly looked at today. A lot of other people in the group were either erasmus or were foreign students, so it was quite interesting. We had to get into groups to discuss the poem, but our group was a bit on the quiet side, which was maybe a little awkward, but it was still great to be back in a seminar room again. Genuinely – I enjoy studying more than anyone has any right to. I get more excited by history than is in any way reasonable, and it was fun to be able to put my skills to good use again.

When I arrived home i checked my university email to find out that my university card was ready to collect. Emil came with me to collect it, at which I found out that my card gives me student discounts not only for things through the student discount people, but also for the train! I also was very excited at now being able to get books out of the library – and being able to access JSTOR again! Huzzah!

Afterwards we went shopping and got some stevia, which I’m curious to try out. Hope it’s good! Also managed to get some flavour-stuff that’s meant to put in water to make flavoured water, which is good – I have already tried it. Looks like it’s not as strong as it suggests, but it does make water more palatable!