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Hej alla!

Wednesday night was the pantomime, which is one of my favourite nights of the year and always has been. We always go to the RAMPS panto, and it’s always been one of the markers that show my birthday is on the way – occasionally falling on my birthday itself. I’ll do a separate post about the panto (perhaps – i know i’ve been bad at having promised posts actually materialise).

I didn’t sleep particularly well on Wednesday night – I never do straight before travelling. I was too busy worrying about whether trains were running properly and whether I had everything I needed.

Thursday morning came around too early as usual. Mum made me some lovely sausage sandwiches and I had a large bottle of flavoured water to bring with me. The train arrived in good time and whilst the fields around Somerset and some close in to Reading are doing their best impressions of rivers, there was no problem with getting to Reading. I arrived at my friends’ flat with no problems… although alas, she wasn’t in for quite a while due to overrunnings of things, resulting in a drenched (it was raining) and cold ( it was slightly windy) and sleepy (lack of sleep) Charlie retreating to Nero for coffee and internet.

In the evening I met up with a smallish group of friends for birthday/catchup time, which was a lot of fun. Wetherspoons didn’t have the curry I wanted but it was all ok really.

Cue sleep, waking up and a mad-dash of shopping around Reading to buy some last minute medicine, make-up and ballerina shoes: Ballet pumps cost an extortionate amount in Sweden, but in the UK I got some relatively decent ones for £9.99. I also got a couple of vest tops for £2.50 each and a pair of canvas shoes for £1. I left the canvas shoes with my friends as there wasn’t really any space in my case, but I’ll collect them when i return, or I’ll ask someone to kindly bring them with when they visit 🙂

And suddenly it was time to get on the bus. The bus driver was a bit anxious as there had been an accident on the motorway and it was causing tailbacks. He drove extra- quickly to begin with to make up for it, and then we discovered that the tailbacks had cleared, so we ended up at the airport earlier than expected instead of almost two hours late! I also discovered by way of the internet that Gothenburg was due to have 20cm of snow.

Ordinary airport stuff, yatta yatta yatta, didn’t buy any alcohol as it’s gone up again and didn’t seem worth it. The gate opened 5 minutes early and there were only about 45, maybe 50 people on the plane. In fact, they let us board within 5 minutes of opening the gate, and we took off a few minutes early. It was the emptiest flight I’ve ever been on, and we arrived incredibly early at Landvetter. I actually arrived before Emil, who had come early with the intention of buying me a cup of tea and meeting me off the plane with some tea. Unfortunately my early arrival and his nosebleed put paid to that, but he did make m tea later and then cooked for me too. It also turned out that the snow was nowhere near as bad as expected – just a very light covering.

Today has been spent on shopping and printing off forms for various government agencies in the UK and trying to work out what I need to do to get my GU account set up. I can’t seem to do it from here, strangely enough. I was originally all prepared to go straight to the service centre today to get myself totally registered-up and organised, but it turns out that none of them are open until monday, so I shall have to wait.

For now, I’m enjoying reorganising my stuff, setting up my supplies ready for uni on Monday, and being sneak-hugged by Emil


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I'm Charlie I spent a year living in Sweden and I'm now a full time librarian in a primary school in the UK. In my spare time I have an allotment, I sew and I bake.

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