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Daily Archives: January 15, 2014

Resa igen

Well the case is packed (and weighed, and confirmed beneath the limits to my mind), my cabin luggage is almost sorted, ( it WILL fit) and I’m in the process of ensuring I have a few notepads in Sweden so that I will *actually* be noting down all of the stuff in lectures.

I’ve checked my passport twice. It’s still here. The documents I think I might need are in my hand luggage too.

I have a new, unfortunate coat ( It’s PINK inside. I don’t do pink) but it’s actually quite nice, even if i grumble about it.

I’ve booked a dentists appointment for July. I’ll cancel if things change.

Tomorrow I head to Reading, Friday I’ll be in Sweden.

I’m excited this time around, instead of terrified. This time I’m heading in on a high, so hopefully things will be better.