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Storms, Shoes and Spooky

So I’ve bought myself new walking boots. They’re rather wonderful actually. Brown leather waterproof hiking boots. In theory I was going to have them delivered straight to Sweden, but in reality it seemed to make more sense to buy them on the day. I’ve lived in them all week and I can honestly say they’ve been wonderful.

Blue Bar - Porthtowan

The weather since I’ve been home has been beyond awful. On Saturday we had literally every possible weather combination – including snow! I did, however, visit Blue Bar in Porthtowan, which I count amongst my favourite bars in the world. It looks out onto the beach, and is stunning. I recommend their white chocolate mochas (more in an upcoming café review).

English: The pier at Portreath.

Anyhow, the recent high tides combined with the stormy weather have resulted in chaos.  In Fistral the Beach Bar will have to be demolished as the weather has pulled the foundations out from underneath it. The SLSC in Portreath is looking relatively at risk too after the sea has pulled away much of the sand and is dangerously close to the foundations there too. However, Portreath has had worse to contend with. On Saturday morning a good chunk of the harbour wall close to the cliffs where the kids always used to tombstone came away and disappeared into the sea and this morning the 18th century pepper pot on the pier was totally smashed to smithereens and is no longer there. It’s a massive shame as the pepper pot is one of the most iconic landmarks in the village, and it’s horrible to see it go. The waves were over 10m high, so it’s no surprise really. See sky news or other news outlets for photos of the pier as it is now.

I’ve also been house-sitting for my sister for the last three days whilst she visited my grandparents in Reading. This meant looking after her dog, Spooky, who is absolutely adorable and, other than a two-hour stint of nighttime crying on friday, an angel to look after. He’s very amusing and definitely a character and a half, who sincerely dislikes computer mice on grounds that they take attention from him. hmm…

What else? Not much I guess. I’ve begun keeping track of what I’m eating and how much I’m exercising, which is quite good really. It’s interesting to see how many calories I consume ( answer: not quite as many as I thought.) and what exactly I eat (answer: not as much protein as I should get).


I apologise for the relative off-topicness of this post. I’m sure we’ll get back to normal operations after I return to Sverige. Enjoy!

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