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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Worky week

So it’s been a bit hectic the last week. Emil’s working nights at the moment, so has been sleeping most of the day, which means I’ve spent a considerable portion of my mornings doing my university reading. I’m still not up to date on it, but I’m getting there.

In between that, I’ve managed to post off my forms to student loans regarding where I am right now, so they don’t get narky and start demanding money from me. Emil and I have also booked our tickets for Asylum 2014, and our accommodation for it. Further to that, we’ve actually got tickets to the ball this year, which is rather awesome, and I’m very excited about this fact.

I’ve seen a lot of Nina this week, and met her kitten on Tuesday evening ( It’s so Purr-y!!!It never stops purring!) and even if it does regularly attack my socks and feet it’s very cute and playful. It’s exactly how I imagine the cat from The Worst Witch: A grey tabby cat.

On Wednesday evening we had the first official meeting of Steampunk Götheburg. The meeting was all in Swedish, but I understood the majority of what was going on, even if i didn’t participate much. I cheated only minorly – occasionally checking a word here and there using Google translate on my phone, but for the most part, I got what was going on anyway. I’ve found that if I don’t try to translate *every* word said I get a much better result comprehension-wise than if I try to understand all of it. When I try too hard at it I get bogged down by one word and then will miss the rest! With things I already knew about, I could understand EXACTLY what was said. New information is harder, but I’m getting there! Anyhow, I’m officially a paid-up member of the society, and am very excited that my little facebook group grew so much.

On Monday I also got a place on the Swedish Courses at Gothenburg University. I’m going to study Basic Level Swedish, which is one up from the beginners total-newbies class, but a step down from Independent Users. With any luck, I’ll be a bit ahead of other people at it, but I don’t think I can count myself as an Independent user yet. My Swedish reading level is currently around B1, same with listening, but my Speaking, Writing and Spoken interaction are only about A2. This makes sense because I’m lazy at speaking Swedish – and, for that matter, at writing it… but I’m getting there. Once I’ve done this course I’ll be working at a higher level than before and will have some sense of the direction I’m going in, so that will at least kelp me to improve! It will also give me a certificate at the end of it giving me some proof that I’ve studied Swedish, which should also be useful from a working point of view. Fingers-crossed!

Oh! and whilst this blog is not really concerned with it, my weight loss *is* slowly continuing. When I stood on the scales earlier this week I’d lost another pound, and I spoke to my personal trainer* a friend via video chat last night (read: skype) who says he reckons my face is looking a little thinner, although it could have been the light. But still – if not – Yay! Visible results!

What else has happened? It’s snowed pretty much every day this week, but it’s supposed to rain later and that might wash away the MASSIVE piles of snow all over the place ( some of them are almost Emil sized and I have the urge to jump into them all the time, but I won’t because sensible adult… ish.) There has been a covering of snow ever since I arrived, and it hasn’t been below zero at all – although it’s due to this weekend.

Anyhow, back to quietly reading whilst waiting for Emil to get out of bed.

(* Said friend has a personal training qualification. He also is in the process of trying to make himself into Thor, and is helping me by answering questions, looking at my food diary and helping me adjust it and furthermore generally keeping me motivated every so often. He’s not technically my personal trainer, but he’s an awesome friend)



Birthdays, Parties and pretty-exhausted Charlies

The last few days have been hectic to say the least.

20140124_094424My birthday was wonderful. I woke up to a cooked breakfast and had a leisurely day, in which I was taken out for coffee at Condeco, after which I returned home and we prepared for my party in the evening. I also opened my cards and presents in bed in the morning, which was quite nice ^^

My party was chaotic, as expected. The steampunks all came and brought me plenty of new types of tea to try as well as some other wonderful gifts, and we spend a happy evening drinking tea, eating cake and playing Dixit: a game involving imagination, word association and general intrigue. It was a lot of fun to play as a large group, and is a game I would seriously consider getting if I start teaching again, as it definitely was a lot of fun. We also tried the mead that Emil and I had made – It finished on Thursday and we decanted it on Thursday night, and tried a taste on Friday. To our pleasure it was exactly as we wanted it. The party has, however, left us with an abundance of leftover cake. I therefore packed Emil off to work this evening with a rather large bag of cakes to take and leave for his co-workers and friends there.

Saturday was also busy as it was Emil’s  cousin’s daughter’s birthday. She was four. We bought her ‘Alice in Wonderland’ as a gift and went along to the party. It was a lot of fun and I had the chance to catch up with Emil’s uncle Martin, who is also British. We get on quite well and it was lovely to have the chance to natter to him again. It was also great to see Emil’s other family members, and to meet Love, the family’s newest arrival, who is certainly very cute even if it slightly disturbed Emil to see me cuddling a baby!

Today was a bit more of a relaxed affair. Whilst Emil went out early to a meeting about steampunk-things, I curled up at my computer and spent an ungodly portion of it playing Guild Wars 2 and delighting in the current Living Story content. It’s much more fun than it ought to be to take part in a massive battle against a twisted marionette which requires something like 125 people as a minimum to defeat.

We went shopping and bought more honey so that we can ready ourselves to begin the next batch as this last batch went so well! Huzzah! At the same time we discovered that our shopping bill seems to have decreased recently, which was certainly nice to see! And to top off the domesticity of the day, I spent the evening cooking up Bolognese to feed to the freezer so that there is pre-prepared food for whenever we desire it.

Tomorrow is also going to be busy, as I not only have to register for my Swedish courses at Uni but I also have lectures, washing and a steampunk meetup to attend. Huzzah again for being busy!

Currently I’m drinking some delicious tea which contains little pink hearts in it. It’s very relaxing. Thank you to Sara, who I believe is responsible for this evening’s tea, having brought it with her on Friday.


Födelsedag imorgon

Yep… tomorrow I turn 23.

Three cards have arrived at the flat and are currently waiting on top of my desk for the morning when I get to open them.

It feels slightly strange because my birthday is usually a huge occasion in the UK, and I have lots of people come out for dinner and we all go out clubbing too. This year I’ve invited some of the steampunks over for a tea party in the evening, complete with lots of cake and board games. Hopefully it will be good fun.

However, for that to happen I have to bake my cake, and I haven’t quite gotten that far yet… Time to get baking I suppose!

biblioteket och IKEA igen

Yesterday I spent a considerable amount of time curled up in the university library with my kindle reading. I was feeling a bit down yesterday afternoon and so decided to go for a walk, and ended up very quickly at the library, curled up. Originally I was going to read the ebooks I have for uni, but then I realised that I hadn’t sent them to my Kindle, so instead I ended up Game of Thrones-ing instead.

After an hour or two Nina came along and we collected all our coursebooks together. Harry Potter and the Course CollectionI was very amused to find that J K Rowling’s Harry Potter books are in the ‘course collection’ – the required reading section, which contains books that are required for at least one course at the university. I currently have a pile of books in front of me and am trying to absorb the knowledge in them through my feet.

Today however, I made a visit to IKEA with Emil. It was a lot of fun, and we managed to buy a few bottles ready to bottle up the mead (which is almost ready to drink). Huzzah! We also found some frames and some other useful things ( Honest – they were useful.) It’s insane how quickly the price of IKEA visits add up though.

We also found a little sign on a bit of paper saying ‘Once I was a tree’ which amused me.

Oh! And I discovered that the big meal of meatballs and mash is WAAAAAY too much for me to be able to eat . I only had a middle sized meal and found it hard to finish it! Emil had a large one WITH salad and crispbread too!  It was very tasty though!

Afterwards Nina and I went for a lovely two-hour walk around Gothenburg, which was great. We put the world to rights and nattered loads about absolutely everything, which was great. We walked for 3.6 miles, which is quite good really considering it was snowy, and I only slipped once. Success.

Anyhow, I suppose I ought to go do some University Reading so that I can justifiably tell Emil I’ve done some work today when he gets back from Band Practice.