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Boxing Day

In the UK, the day after Christmas Day ( the 26th) is called Boxing Day. Sweden has what’s called something along the lines of ‘Another Day of Christmas’.

As a quick aside, I’d really appreciate it if someone in Sweden could explain to me why Christmas Eve isn’t an official Red Day, and yet Boxing Day is? It seems remarkably bizarre to me that you celebrate Christmas on a day you theoretically would be working, and not on the days after. I do not accept the ‘two days to recover from the hangover’ theory, before anyone mentions it!

Anyhow, in my family we have my ‘angry mob’ of family over on Boxing Day and do their presents from us, as well as having a massive buffet of food. Our one is a bit different from the Swedish Julbord, but contains:

– Bread, butter and various different cheeses
– Crackers
– Various cold cooked meats (this year: Ham, Gammon, Pork and Turkey)
– Various pickles ( Gherkins, eggs, onions, branston etc.)
– Scotch Eggs
– Pork Pie
– Cocktail Sausages
– Sausage Rolls
– Spicy potato wedges
– Chicken Goujons
– Samosas
– Spring rolls
– Smoked Salmon
– Cockles
– Mussels
– Rollmops (herring)
– Salad
– Coleslaw
– Various types of crisps, pringles, cheesy nibbles and etc.
– Mince pies (which are sweet and don’t contain meat)
– Christmas Cake
– Fruit Cocktail
– Strawberry Whip
– Jelly (Strawberry and lime)
– Chocolate Fingers – 3 types (my favourite are white chocolate ones)
– Tunnock’s teacakes (which are marshmallows on biscuit covered in Chocolate)
– Party Rings
– Jammy Dodgers
– Jaffa Cakes

It’s A LOT of food, and we spend most of the next week or two living on the leftovers. New year’s Eve also involves a lot of the leftover foods too, and we tend to eat an enormous amount over these couple of days, but it definitely is mostly delicious. We don’t always have the fish platter that’s described amongst that – that’s Dad’s new addition to the roster for this year. Would you also believe that we’ve tried to cut down this year? Yeah – thought you wouldn’t!

Also, I’m trying to work out how on Earth I’m going to get all of what i want to bring with me back to Sweden. I think i shall either need a TARDIS, or to do my traditional stuff-teabags-in-bags-into-your-shoes-and-hope-the-airport-don’t-decide-it’s-something-else-job.

Furthermore, I’m exhausted. The ‘Angry Mob’ as I’ve been known to call them, are my sister’s and big brother’s respective families as well as my little brother and me. In total, when they come over to our small house over here, there are fourteen people and a dog. Needless to say, when we *do* have everyone here, it’s a bit like the weasleys in Harry Potter. In fact – it’s exactly like that, as we often will have to bring in the garden chairs and table into our kitchen and put people in like playing tetris just to make people fit for a sit-down meal. Needless to say, those don’t often happen these days! I love seeing everyone, but there are so many it often sounds like there’s an angry mob in our living room – hence the epithet.

Also, i feel like I’m coming down with a bit of a cold or something – my throat has been sort and I’m coughing a lot, as I have the last few days. I’ve gota horrible feeling another case of Laryngitis is on its way, which would not be much fun, but ho hum!

Oh! and for those who don’t know, Boxing Day is thus called because back when we had servants in the UK, employers would send them home with boxes full of goodies and leftovers on the day after christmas. Thought that’d be a nice thing for you to know 🙂





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I'm Charlie I spent a year living in Sweden and I'm now a full time librarian in a primary school in the UK. In my spare time I have an allotment, I sew and I bake.

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  1. It is odd, isn’t it? I was most surprised to look out of the window on Jul Afton to see the dustbin men working!


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