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P1000095Yesterday Emil and I did Christmas. We woke up in the morning and opened our presents (which were under my magazine Christmas Tree) and said Merry Christmas to each other.

Emil had bought me a sign which says ‘Follow your heart but take your brain with you’ and a new handbag shaped like a clock. The bag has lots of pockets and is superb – It will look wonderful with my steampunk stuff as well as with everything else.

I bought Emil a book called ‘how to build a robot army‘. In fact – he was there when i bought it, and yet when he unwrapped it his response was:

Ooooh! I wanted this book! When did you go and get that?!?

He wasn’t even joking. He had forgotten that he was there when I bought it. I guess it makes buying presents easy!

I also filled a large jar with Juleskum sweets ( they’re sort of foamy gummy sweets that taste a bit like strawberry marshmallows) and made him a book to go with them about my adventures of trying to buy him a present. It’s currently on the fridge, as he really liked the book!.

After Christmas I’m making him a waistcoat, and I’ve also bought him a T-shirt from Qwertee but that’s being sent to the UK. Not telling which shirt yet, because he might see!

Anyhow, after we had our presents and listened to a lot of Christmassy music, it was time to make our way to Lilla Bommen to catch the boat.

Yes. Boat.

Emil had paid for us to go on a boat out around the archipelago and have Julbord.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow, this was something we had previously discussed – I wanted to try Julbord because it’s just so different as an idea from the British Christmas Dinner. But he found it on a boat around the Archipelago. Not even just any boat – a beautiful boat built in the 1880s, decked out with wooden panelling in the room we ate in and with a Salon that consisted almost entirely of windows. I could almost see the women dancing in their dresses around the place. The S:t Erik was a beautiful boat!

So we went aboard and had our Glögg, and the boat set sail, and then we went to collect our food.

The Julbord or Christmas table is a literal smörgåsbord of food – effectively a buffet with LOTS of dishes to choose from! Off the top of my head there were:

-5 types of Sill

-boiled new potatoes

– bread, crispbread, butter and cheese

– 3 or 4 types of smoked or cured salmon

– Cooked Salmon ( 2 types i think)

-Cooked herring

– Wild boar sausage

– Reindeer Sausage

– Chorizo

– Roast deer

– Roast beef

– Roast Lamb

– Christmas Ham

– Meatballs

– Princekorv

– Janssons frestelse ( Onion, potato, breadcrumbs, cream and anchovies or sprats)


Potato casserole called Janssons frestelse

Potato casserole called Janssons frestelse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


– Chunks of roast pork

– Stewed cabbage (I think?) green and red

– Beetroot salad

-Cheesey quiche/ cheese pie

– Lingonberry pesto

-Various other sauces and accompaniments to everything.

Desert consisted of:

– Knäck

– Marmelad ( literally – marmelade, but these are little sweets)

– Nougat

-Various candied nuts and other things

-Pepparkaka Tirimisu

– Blueberry Mousse

– Risgrynsgröt or rice pudding, which is eaten cold.

Overall, the Julbord was incredibly tasty. There was a huge amount of things that i liked. Interestingly enough, I tried and liked the beetroot salad, which i only had a tiny bit of, but it was much nicer than I had expected. I wasn’t so keen on the Whisky-cured Salmon, which was a bit slimy, and I don’t like Sill, although I think I could get used to it if I tried. I thought that generally, it was very VERY meat-heavy for a meal, but tasty nonetheless!  I liked the Janssons frestelse more than I expected to too, although i think that was partly because it was a change from all the meat! Not too sure about the rice pudding – only really because it was very plain and not sweet enough for me, and I’m not keen on cold rice pudding – it should, in my opinion, be hot with jam!

It was a wonderful meal though – delicious! It was also superb to be out on the sea to have it. I LOVE the sea, and being on or near it makes me feel much more like myself ( something very important at the moment – see previous posts). The atmosphere was lovely, and the view stunning. We only went through the archipelago  but it was lovely, even on such a miserable day as yesterday!

Whilst Swedish Julbord will never replace an English Christmas dinner for me, it was certainly incredibly tasty, and definitely something i would happily have again!

Almost forgot-  Glögg! It was very tasty – a bit like strong mulled wine, but I think i liked it even more. You get it in tiny little glasses and it felt VERY strong, but i really enjoyed the taste of it. I’d happily drink Glögg again!

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  1. The food sounds so lovely! I live next door to a Swedish family who invited my parents round for dinner once – my mum was horrified she was served reindeer because “you’re eating Rudolph”.


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