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Svensk Julgodis

On Tuesday I went over to visit Nina, and she was making sweets ready for a Christmas Party. This invoked a conversation from back in October with some other friends, about how I didn’t know what knäck was. As such, I was invited to take part in making Swedish Christmas sweets.

So what sweets did we make:

1) Knäck

English: The swedish toffee "knäck"....

Knäck is a hard one to describe. It’s like almondy toffee. It tastes, quite obviously, like toffee and almonds, and is often very chewy or sometimes a bit brittle.

One person i had spoken to merely explained it as the ‘taste of christmas’. However, to me, Christmas tastes like mince pies or christmas pudding, but I suppose that the taste of christmas really does depend on where you’re brought up!

2) chocolate toffee (chokladkola)


Note: Kola is the Swedish word for Toffee, and has no relation to Coca Cola.

Nina also made chocolate toffees, which were very tasty ( photo from internet). They’re slightly softer than most toffees, and reminded me of the cornflake cakes we used to get in school – which i think were made with the same mix which was then mixed with cornflakes and spooned out into cake cases. tasty 🙂

3) Chocolate Truffles

There were amazing. Some of them had marzipan on one size. There were two types: chilli and saffron, and Lime and thyme, both of which were really nice!

I admit to spending a considerable amount of time eating the leftover marzipan!

4) Swedish Fudge

I didn’t actually get to try this, but it was effectively vanilla fudge. It was intriguing to make though – although I have just been told that it never seemed to actually set. Perhaps it didn’t quite get to heat properly.

5)Nougat in Marzipan

This tasted of praline and marzipan, and was absolutely delectable. Absolutely adored it!

6) Orange Marzipan in chocolate

Think of Marzipan, add orange juice then drizzle in chocolate! I didn’t try any of this because I’m sensitive to orange so need to be careful about it, but it looked lovely!

Whilst nina was making these, I was busy with Christmas Decorations, using this wonderful pattern to create my own stars similar to the one below!

Woven Paper Ornament


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I'm Charlie I spent a year living in Sweden and I'm now a full time librarian in a primary school in the UK. In my spare time I have an allotment, I sew and I bake.

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