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Jul på Liseberg

Saturday was spent at Jul på Liseberg in Gothenburg with ‘Steampunk in Gothenburg’, dressed to the nines in my brand new steampunk outfit especially for the occasion. Nina came over to get changed at mine, so when it came to time to leave, the three of us ( Me, Nina and Emil, were looking fabulous).

It was pretty chilly on saturday: -1 degree when we left the flat according to the sign on Korsvägen. We rounded the corner and met with the group, all eager to get into the park and enjoy the sights. Whilst most of Thursday’s snow had melted by the time saturday rolled around, the nippy-ness and the piles of snow that were everywhere made the paper snow which covered everything feel somewhat more realistic. Luckily, the weather was wonderful, so it wasn’t too chilly for us who weren’t wearing coats but corsets and capes instead.

Our first visit was to the Viking area to meet with our good friend Miss Overkill who runs a beautiful stall with Viking Jewellery on it at Liseberg at the moment. We chattered to her and others and then went for waffles and tea. We stood around chatting for a while, all discussing various points of interest.

After this, a small group of us decided to go on one of the rides in the children’s area, which as recently been done up as a steampunk themed area. This was a lot of fun and we thoroughly enjoyed our ride on the cars in the sky. After this we went to look at Christmas decorations on the stalls and then I saw the Ice show with Nina. The group fragmented pretty quickly overall, but it was wonderful walking through Liseberg dressed to the nines, and many people seemed to love our costumes – although I think a few thought we were associated with the place!

We also had a look at the small market up beneath Lisebergs-tournet, and found some amusing pieces of Glassware!

The ice show was probably my favourite part, which was full of swooping and beautifully elegant dances to some of the most infamous christmas songs ever! After the show had finished, we went in search of Reindeer. As you may know, one of my wish-list items was to take a photograph of a real reindeer, as I don’t believe i have ever seen a real one in real life. Unfortunately we were unable to pet the reindeer, but I managed to take a photograph of one – which is an achievement unlocked!

Liseberg at Christmas was a wonderful thing to do, and it made me feel incredibly Christmassy. I had a lot of fun with it, even if on my return home I realised that the temperature had dropped to -7 and I’d been out without a coat for almost five hours. Needless to say the next day i was rather ill!


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