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Galen dag

Yesterday turned out a little bit mad, didn’t it?

I apologise for the sheer gamut of posts yesterday – I only intended to post about Christmas, but then it snowed and I had photographs to post… it all got a bit out of hand! Hopefully I didn’t spam your news-feeds *too* much, my dear readers. I also had the highest view count ever on my blog yesterday, which was pretty darned cool. Yay! Readers! Anyhow, this post should serve as a quick update on all sorts of things.

Practicing Swedish

Anyhow, whilst the weather was causing havoc with my lighting and causing me to unplug every computer in the flat in fear of a power surge, I wrote a letter to my flat in Swedish (as you do – Hey – my flat is over 80 years old and  I’m not convinced it understands English):

Hej ljus i min lägenhet,
Det skulle bli jätte trevlig om du slutar flimrande. Det är konstigt och irriterande!
(Jag skriva i svenska for du är gammal och jag tror kanske om jag talar svenska, du ska forstår mig bättre)

I posted it up on facebook last night and was told that it was ‘cute and perfectly understandable’ which was something at least! Leaving this here as an example of my progression at Swedish.

How is it going generally with the learning Swedish front? Well – I understand quite a bit now, and the things I know are getting really easy. I’ve got my head around pretty much every foodstuff and I don’t even really translate recipes anymore. For a good proportion of the time Emil and I speak Svengelska which is both amusing and strange sometimes. I often will remember either the English or the swedish word for things, but not both.

Accent-wise, I still sound awfully foreign, and the emphasis in words is quite hard because it seems to be the opposite of whatever I expect. It’s difficult to explain further than that!

Storm aftermath

I must admit, I haven’t left the flat yet today. Outside looks rather on the cold side, and the wind whipping through Liseberg-tournet’s lights sounds terrifying. Really. However, checking the news it looks like two trams collided partially, with the result of a few minor injuries, 800 people are without power  or hot water on Hissingen, although the district heating system is now working again in the area (I need to look into this district heating thing… it sounds bizarre and like it shouldn’t work, and I had never heard of it before i came here). Other than that the bridges have been closed, a load of trains weren’t running for a while, the ferries were cancelled to the islands and a few of the trams weren’t working because a tree fell on the wires and cut off a section of the track. Down in my part of town, though, all is well. The wind just keeps whipping through my windows!

No more snow is forecast, but the weather should stay cold for a bit longer.





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I'm Charlie I spent a year living in Sweden and I'm now a full time librarian in a primary school in the UK. In my spare time I have an allotment, I sew and I bake.

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