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Year in Review: 2013

I have done year reviews every year for the last eight or nine years. In fact, since the days when I was back on Livejournal (and I began using livejournal in 2004). I still usually use the same quiz as a template for it, but I don’t think that the template is really appropriate for this blog.

Anyhow: This year has been a whirlwind. I began it in Sweden – stood by the folly in Partille, watching the fireworks overhead, and wondering what the year held for me. From chaos as a Teaching Assistant, to interesting situations which occurred during the year, it has certainly been a relatively colourful year. So many friends attended my birthday in January, and I must also say a great thankyou to all the people who let me sleep over with them in June/July, when I sofa-surfed for the best part of a month when my lease ran out.

And then Cornwall, and Sweden, and the wonderful people I have met on my travels the last few months. The steampunks who have somehow taken over my life and the Swedes who have been so welcoming. The fans of Doctor Who who watched with me and gasped at all the right bits, and the people at Asylum who made me feel at home. The people who cheered me on as I completed NaNoWriMo.

Thank you all.

And Emil, who has put up with all of my insanity; all of my craziness; all of my sadness and hyperactiveness. To him I owe the world.

And then there are you, dear followers – thank you for listening. I know my ranting must get tiresome sometimes, but I hope some of it is interesting!



Achievement Unlocked: 2013 complete

By chibird

by chibird

Some years are good, others are a bit harder. 2013 was, above all else, exhausting. It has been a rollercoaster of emotions and of different places, faces and themes. It’s not really been bad, as such, just a hard slog.

And now it’s over and it’s time for a brand new year to play with. A shiney one full of promise.

2014, please don’t let me down!

Happy new year, Gott ny år  and ha Blydhen Nowydh Da.

I can see a better time, when all our dreams come true.


Steampunk lever i Göteborg

Aaaand this would happen to be my Steampunk Group! Huzzah!

Steampunk i Sverige

Det är i Göteborg det rör på sig nu. Göteborg har länge varit ett starkt fäste för steampunk här i landet. Numera finns också en alldeles riktig steampunkförening i stan, med en hel del aktivitetet. Bland annat arrangerar de gemensamma hantverkskvällar, och en fest planeras i maj.

Ett sätt att komma i kontakt med Steampunk i Göteborg är att gå med i deras Facebookgrupp.

Så här såg det ut när Steampunk i Göteborg promenerade på Liseberg under julmarknaden i december.

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Jag drommer om en jul hemma…

The Swedish version of ‘I’m dreaming of a White Christmas’ is literally called ‘I’m dreaming of a Christmas at home’, as you can see above. I heard this version a LOT when I was out there just before christmas, and I must admit I think I prefer it to the original, or at the very least, find it somehow easier to relate to – perhaps because it has the sense of yearning you get with homesickness.

I’ve started trying to sort out what I need to do upon arrival in Sweden to sort out my Residence Permit and registration at the University. It looks like it may involve a certain amount of Chaos, but Chaos can be good, I’m sure.

Most of this morning I’ve been speaking Swedish over facebook with Emil. Last night we were speaking Swedish on Skype, and he remarked on how he’d forgotten how good I was at Swedish. I *can* do it sometimes – it’s just that I get quite shy about my Swedish! Perhaps I’ll try to write a post in Swedish later and see how it goes. Maybe.


The kind of crime I like

Now i may have a *slight* Marabou addiction… but I’m not *that* bad!

Life in the land of the ice and snow

Two big crime stories in the Swedish news this past month.

1. Man steals truckload of chocolate.

2. Men steal hot dogs. (caught by mustard stains!)

Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 09.21.11   Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 09.17.38

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