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Knapp Carlsson och andra saker

2013-Winner-Vertical-BannerI know: I’ve been terrible posting this week. I’ve been too busy writing my book. Why am I posting now, you ask? because my book is finished! ( well – the first draft is done, but that counts: right?) I won Nanowrimo! I managed to write 50,000 words in one month, and now I have an entire first draft of a novel! All 112 A4 pages of it! Woo!

Alright, now that the winner post is out of the way, time to explain other things that have been happening this week. It’s been Emil’s week off this week, so we’ve done quite a lot of stuff.

Saturday was Dr Who night, and was absolutely fantastic, as I’ve already explained. It was wonderful fun and made me all warm and fuzzy inside. We also went to a friend’s house for fika and nattering, which was fun.


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


On Sunday we found Zelda Ocarina of Time in one of Emil’s drawers and got out the TV and the N64 so that we could play it, however, we discovered that the SCART-RCA adaptor had gone missing. Cue a last minute dash to ICA to buy a new one so that we could play properly. In fact, Zelda was wonderful fun. We played as a team – changing hands every few minutes so that we both got to have a go at the game. It was nice to play something with Emil for once, rather than us sitting at our respective computer screens.

Monday was incredibly cold: -8 degrees and it didn’t even snow! I was very disappointed. I received a letter from Student Finance courtesy of my parents and spent most of the late-afternoon and evening fretting about it because they were getting grumpy because they didn’t know what i was doing. Cue form-filling in, angry letters and searching for evidence to send them. I got all the washing done, and Emil was out for a while, although neither of us can remember where he went! After a bit of discussion we think he went to collect his sheet music but neither of us is certain! We went to the Sci fi bookstore (i think) and then had soup at a little café nearby. I fast remembered how much I hate thai-flavoured things, and how they make me feel really ill after ordering thai chicken soup at an extortionate price. Don’t buy food at the Espresso House on Kungsgatan: our soup was practically cold and even emil’s tomato soup wasn’t brilliant in my opinion ( i tried some too). Their vanilla lattés, however, are wonderful. We also found a shop called knapp karlsson, where they sell some beautiful buttons. The shop is incredibly old, and absolutely stunning, with the custom-made wooden drawers everywhere containing all the buttons. It’s a wonderful shop.

Tuesday was busy: we woke up at 10am having had an alarm failure and nina rang two minutes later – her film had been cancelled so she wondered if she could come over for a cup of tea. Within ten minutes she was at mine, chattering to us happily whilst I was eating my corn-flakes and trying to become less zombie-like. After that we visited Emil’s parents’ house to print off my forms for Student Finance and then headed towards a friend’s house for the first real important meeting of the Steampunk Society of Gothenburg (which I sort of somehow created about six weeks ago and which now has 88 members). Decisions were made and the first steps towards becoming a real, live non-profit society were taken, as well as discussions of what we could possibly do and the types of things we can get done. There was also cake, lots of cake. And tea. I also borrowed a pattern for a waistcoat from a friend, so I should now be able to make use of the fabric Emil bought last week.

On Wednesday Emil spent most of the day at Ironbill and I spent most of the day doing… well… not very much. We’ve both had terrible colds and coughs for the last two weeks and neither of us can seem to get rid of them. I think I curled up and wrote, and procrastinated most of the time.

Yesterday we visited a museum in town ( yep – another one!) and it was a lot of fun. The museum was Röhsska Museum in central Gothenburg. They had a corset exhibit which was why we went originally, but they also have a large assortment of Japanese items, including a few kimono and samurai helmets, as well as a few katana. They also had an interesting exhibition of design through the ages, as well as some beautiful examples of chairs. Definitely worth a visit.


Review: Dr Who 50th Anniversary Special (Spoilers Sweetie)

(Disclaimer: I have marked in every way possible the inclusion of spoilers in this post. Please, if you haven’t seen the special yet, don’t read this post. You WILL see spoilers, and I don’t want to be responsible for that. This post is also quite long and long-winded: Apologies)

Read the rest of this entry

Fifty years of my favourite TV show, and I’m going to go and see it at BioRoy tonight. Excited about that 🙂

Today also has a few other jobs that need to be done:

– buy tickets for the St Lucia Concert

– Buy a Star-light to bring back for my parents in the UK.

-Sew my muff together properly.

– Get some writing done




So this afternoon a slightly frazzled Emil and I visited IKEA again. It was only my second ever visit to the giant store of chaos, but it was a good one. We managed to buy the curtains for the kitchen that I’ve wanted for ages, and a light for the kitchen, as well as obtaining a few other new things: chief among them is Albert, my new mouse cuddly toy (he’s cute and brown and doesn’t bite). We also had a very Swedish dinner: meatballs and mashed potato with brown sauce and lingonberry jam. It was delicious, and seeing as I had wanted them yesterday, made me quite happy really.

I’ve now put up the curtains and the star we bought is also up and glowing wonderfully. The Christmas lights are making everything seem much cosier, as is the presence of curtains in the kitchen. (our curtains have birds and trees on them!)

Also, Google have had a google doodle about Dr Who today, but I’m 100% certain that they put it up a day early. How very ood (pun intended). I’m going to go and see the 50th anniversary special tomorrow night at 11pm, so I’m looking forward to that.

Photographs of Sweden