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Storm Simone

This is such a British post, as it is entirely about the weather. According to QI, British people talk about the weather 44 times a month on average. How about that! At any rate – this is justified. I promise, because  I’ve spent the last two days listening to the hilarity going on to do with this massive storm. First I had it from the Brits, then from the Swedes.

So here’s the deal for those of you not aware: There’s a big storm. It was predicted to be one of the worst in recent years, as big as the great storm of 1987. There was much battening down of hatches and tying up of bins and so on, and in some parts of the UK everything was fine yesterday and people are deriding it as a storm in a teacup, but in other areas, there has been chaos and stuff. Three people seem to have died, and lots of trees fell, only a third of the country was supposedly at work today and most of the trains were cancelled. A friend of mine was trying to get home from Amsterdam, and should have arrived home late last night. He only actually arrived home early this afternoon. Yeah. It was one of those storms. In the UK, this storm has been named St Jude.

And now Sweden is preparing for the same storm, which has blown in over the North Sea. In fact, it’s due to hit Gothenburg any minute, and the clouds seem to be moving alarmingly quickly actually. It’s been raining all day until now, and all of a sudden the rains seem to have dissipated, but it looks like they’ll be back with a vengeance soon. Swedish news is reporting that all children in youth centres and schools have been sent home and that all trains after 4pm will be cancelled. There’s a Swedish name for the storm too: Storm Simone. Currently twitter is going insane over the storm as people complain about the train issues and rejoice going home early. Uni students have been advised to go home, as have many workers it would seem, and we’ve been advised to prepare for the possibility of a power-cut. I’ve been out in the rain and bought matches, candles and tealights, as well as crisps, sour cream and chocolate (necessary in case of power-cuts and thus no hot food).

Anyhow, whether this storm actually hits or not, I’m ready, I’m waiting, and hopefully Emil shall return with a thermos just in case the weather crumbles.

Wish us luck!




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I'm Charlie I spent a year living in Sweden and I'm now a full time librarian in a primary school in the UK. In my spare time I have an allotment, I sew and I bake.

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