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Things I should do today

– Wash the floor

– Buy a woolen hat

– Confirm Volunteering

– Buy some new fabric/ go to a secondhand shop and get some clothes to fiddle with

– Make the bed

– Collect my Sewing Machine

– Begin Sewing my new skirt

– Apply for more jobs


Things I’m likely to do today

– Play Guild Wars 2

– Collect my Sewing Machine

-Play more Guild Wars 2


My excuse? My throat still hurts and it’s raining. Big time raining. I mean, big drops that slam against the balcony and make it clang raining. Wet rain that refuses to let it look like daytime in the flat raining. The type of rain that in Cornwall slaps you in the face until its numb and makes you wish you’d never made the mistake of leaving the house. The sort of rain, in other words, that saps all the energy out of you and makes your only real option baking and gaming.


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  1. The weather is similar in Cornwall so I don’t blame you


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