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En hel ny varld

Elefant Naturhistoriska Museet Göteborg

Yesterday, we visited the Natural History Museum in Gothenburg. It was wonderful. The Museum is very much set out as an old style museum, particularly the mammal room, with its many stuffed animals from yesteryear in their wood-framed cases. The Elephant in the centre is magnificent and slightly terrifyingly huge. They also have a Blue while which the Victorians built a lounge inside.

Yes. A blue whale containing a lounge. It’s insane. Want to know the most hilarious bit? The lounge is no longer open, but the original reason they closed it WASN’T because of wear and tear to the whale ( you can still touch it, in fact)



The reason it was closed initially is because way back in the Victorian period, they discovered a couple of people in a rather embarrassing position inside the whale! It took nearly 50 years before they reopened it again XD Don’t believe me? The information on the sheets beside the whale tells the whole story (see left). They also have a rhino which has lost its horn, because some thieves came in after opening in 2011 and stole it out of the box. People are evil!

Further to this, yesterday I also cooked Falukorv and mash for tea. Falukorv is pretty generic really (sorry sweden!) It’s some sort of sausage very similar in taste to polony only bigger which you chop into slices and fry off.



Today was spent mostly on a little adventure of my own. I visited Cafe Overlock on my own and the owners recognised me and chatted to me for an hour or so in English before I had kladdkaka and some fantastic tea. I also sat and sketched out the basics for my new steampunk skirt. I have most of the fabric in a bag next to me, but I need a machine to put it all together.

Whilst I was there, I received a call from Emil’s Uncle. He’s currently writing a book and I’m proofreading it for him. He was calling to see how I was getting on. As it happens, he lives very close to Café Overlock, and so I simply visited him after my couple of hours of nattering with the owners and drinking tea.

Naturally, as Emil’s uncle is also British, there was even more tea, and lots of discussion of education (he’s involved in teaching too, so we have a lot to chat about). We talked for a good few hours about everything under the sun before I headed home.

Now, all of this may seem pretty average, but this was actually the first time I’ve been on my own out of the centre of town, so it’s quite an achievement. I even used some of my Swedish in the Café, which was good. It was nice to practice a little, even if I probably should be practicing much more!

Now, the rest of the evening is devoted to a combination of job applications and proofreading, with an indecent amount of Disney music in the background too!


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I'm Charlie I spent a year living in Sweden and I'm now a full time librarian in a primary school in the UK. In my spare time I have an allotment, I sew and I bake.

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