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IKEA och Ironbil

Yesterday we visited Emil’s favourite place in the world: a little workshop and store which sells metal rods, plastic rods, little screws and nuts and bolts. He has a workshop in the back.

As it happens, it was the village fete ( or equivalent) so we also had a look around. We bought some honey and a pretty little straw bird. We also watched a blacksmith making horseshoes. It was all pretty much the same sort of thing as we have at home at the small-scale fairs I have gone to since my childhood. One of Emil’s childhood friends was there too: Anton, so I got to see him and natter to him for a bit.

I met the infamous Goran, and had a lovely long chat about sewing machines. He’s offered to let me have my own space in the workshop too so I can do some of my sewing there. It’s a wonderful offer and means I can sit and work in a warm space where I can do everything I wish to. Brilliant!

Today was taken up by furniture, and my first ever visit to IKEA. I must say it reminds me of Argos on crack! You think it’s massive, and then you get to the warehouse and you realise you had absolutely no idea what massive was. We bought a huge amount of stuff, including the bed and a lovely little blue lack coffee table, which is currently sat with a cup of tea and a smorgas on it. My flat now looks vaguely like a flat! It’s a miracle!

We do, however, need a ridiculous number of bookshelves to hold the library that is my boyfriend’s book collection. At least all of my books are on a kindle!

We also received a free sofa second-hand from one of Emil’s relatives, and a set of drawers and a bureau, which I have adopted as my desk and little base in the living room. Emil has the hallway. I’m using a box of books as a stool for my desk at the moment, but we’ll see if we can do better 🙂



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I'm Charlie I spent a year living in Sweden and I'm now a full time librarian in a primary school in the UK. In my spare time I have an allotment, I sew and I bake.

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