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Helgen på Asylum: del 1

So: I promised that I would post a long post about my weekend in Lincoln, and this is it… well.. the first part. Due to the Chaos and insanity that was Asylum, I feel it is necessary to split it into a few parts itself!

After my last post on Thursday evening I finished packing my bags and went over to my sister’s house for Chinese, it was really nice to just sit and natter and be us. I got a few things off my chest I had wanted to tell her for a long while, and it was really just a very good evening.

I hardly slept on Thursday night – maybe two hours at the most? It felt very strange to have all of my post important possessions packed into two cases and a laptop bag, and I was – I must admit, rather terrified. At 5.30am I got up, got dressed, had breakfast, and then we set off to the station. Mum was teary, I gave my parents big hugs and then got on the train with my cases and curled up with my pith helmet on my lap.

K-1889 An example of Browns most popular creation

K-1889 An example of Browns most popular creation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The train was a very busy one, but a lot of people remarked upon how much they liked my pith helmet. One of the people I spoke to said that he couldn’t think of anything more British than wearing a Pith helmet in the rain. By the time we arrived in Bristol, the train was positively packed, but to my surprise, amongst the people who got on at Bristol were James Richardson-Brown and his lady. They had reserved the seats straight in front of me. I knew them from last year’s Asylum, where we had eaten a gorgeous Indian meal at the restaurant next to the Victoria Pub. James is also the much-famed creator of the Steampunk K9, as seen to the right

We chatted about his act in the Major’s Soiree that evening and the sorts of thing he was going to do and he offered to let me come onstage to see him roll up a frying pan. I was slightly skeptical, but accepted – it’s not every day you see something like that! Whilst I was on the train, I received a message from the Emil:

I’m afraid there’s a massive problem: I got on the wrong train and have travelled 2h in the wrong direction 😦 they must have switched platforms without me noticing – there was a train at the right time but it’s going to Barrow in the Lake District! I might not get there until about 6 😦 We’ll have to get you checked in to the hotel somehow anyway – I’ll call the moment I get decent reception. I’m so sorry 😦

This resulted in total chaos. The Barrow Emil was referring to, we eventually worked out, was Barrow-in-Furness. James helped me to work out where he was and we tried to work out a route to bring him back down towards Lincoln. At this time, another Asylumite, Lesley, joined us when we got off the train at Sheffield. I received sporadic texts and calls from the Emil throughout this as we tried to find him a route back from t’North.  We all laughed a lot on the trains and at the fact that our train looked *exactly* like a bus. James also helped me with my cases, which was really helpful as they were rather on the bulky-heavy side.

Finally, we arrived in Lincoln, where I sat down and drank my third cup of tea of the day at about 3pm. As a 6 to 8 cup per day girl, this was very late for only my second cup, especially after an 8 hour gap! I waited in Lincoln station for Abi, watching the Steampunks streaming into the city as I waited, pith helmet on head.

Abi arrived at just after four, by which time Emil called to say he had managed to sort things with the hotel so that we could check-in, and offered to pay for dinner and the taxi to the hotel to reduce my stress levels a little. He was very apologetic. Abi and I went to the hotel, checked our stuff in and then met for dinner in the hotel restaurant. Just after we ordered drinks, Emil arrived, looking rather ruffled but every bit as lovely as always. We ate, then went upstairs to get ready for the evening’s entertainment.


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