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Helgen på Asylum – del 2

After we had eaten, we got ready for the evening’s entertainment: The Major’s Soiree. This was happening up at The Venue at 9 so we had a couple of hours to unpack, get ready and generally do stuff. I wore my pith helmet and my blue corset and black skirt. I was incredibly comfortable.


Upon our arrival at the venue we went and got a few drinks and caught up with a few old friends, including Martin and his monkey ( he has a monkey toy – long story). It was lovely to catch up with Martin, who I have barely seen since Camber in March. Emil went off to natter and came back looking very excited with a rather familiar-looking young man dressed as Steampunk Phantom in tow. Emil had discovered that this particular young man was from the same home town as me. The moment the young man, Ethan, told me where he had lived most of his life, it clicked: I was in his brother’s class at primary school! Not only was this the case, but my big sister had been a teaching assistant at another school of his brother’s, and Ethan was close friends with my Nephew.


Needless to say, this was living proof to all those present of the fact that Cornwall is a very small place.


Now That's What I Call Steampunk! Volume 1

Now That’s What I Call Steampunk! Volume 1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


There were a lot more seats this year than last year as the comedy night and The Men were playing at the Assembly rooms, meaning that a lot of people went there instead, however, I very much enjoyed the show. The Mentalism show was wonderful, if slightly more terrifying than I had ever imagined it could be, and watching James Richardson-Brown doing his strong-man routine was incredibly impressive. I can testify that that was a real frying pan, having knocked it very hard to make it clang. It eventually ended up rolled up into a scoop!  He also pulled apart a steel chain and folded a steel bar in half. James made a reference to Emil’s lateness on-stage and told everyone about his lateness, which was quite amusing too! The Cogkneys were fun to watch too, but i think the young Niall the Steamager was one of the big highlights, and was beloved by all! Count Rostovs jokes were as terrible as ever and Kit Cox’s performance was also amusing. We returned to the hotel afterwards happy and tired.


Saturday dawned bright and early and we made our way to wetherspoons for breakfast, in full steam. I wore my Retro-archaeologist outfit – inspired by Dr Geof’s patches (available from The Island of Dr Geof). I showed him the outfit, and he found it amusing, which was quite nice. We also met up with Sarah and Owen from Reading and had a bit of a natter. It was enjoyable!


I also went shopping on Saturday, but didn’t buy much, and saw a few things on my travels, I nattered to people and had a chat with one of the people involved with Clockwork Watch. It was definitely interesting. Abi spent the time squeeing and talking to people, and enjoyed herself muchly from the discussions we had.


On Saturday night we went to the burlesque, which was fantastic, and I made friends with more people again. It was a fantastic show. We waited around with Ethan until his dad came to pick him up, and said our goodbyes to Ethan, who was leaving early on Sunday. Whilst waiting, I had a chat to Lesley and friend, who had a massive mug of tea. She gave me a hug because of my love of tea. It was wondrous!


At breakfast on Sunday, one of the Locals asked what exactly all the victorian stuff was about, and we politely explained. They seemed genuinely interested and wished that we enjoyed our weekend, which was lovely.


On the Sunday I went to the First Tea Company Court Marshal, which turned out to be more hilarious than expected. Due to the weather and suchlike, it relocated to the pub, which was taken over by probably over a hundred Steampunks for the court marshalling of Lady Raygun. It turned into an attempted coup by the lady, who attempted to hold Dr Geof in Contempt of his Own Court because he was absent. She failed when he returned and made an impassioned speech about the First tea company being a consensual military organisation and that he would never Court marshal people without their own consent! At this point, he was made First Tea Lord in Perpetuity, and the question of his deposition was never to be seen again. The original court marshal then went ahead, but the result was deferred until next year, after a cup of tea. It was the sort of delightful chaos that can only come from the FTC. Loved it. I also love my shiney new badge that i received as a result of being there at the right time to get one 🙂


Sunday evening was the Dead Dog party. I felt curiously faint on Sunday for some reason – not sure exactly why, and kept getting dizzy. The sausage and mash was good though, and the charity auction was a lot of fun – Emil and I won a bid for a beautiful collection of Shineys. Not sure what happened about the Steampunk quiz, but hey – the dancing was fun, as were the conversations i had with people. I must apologise to Major Tink and Sam, both people involved in the organisation of Asylum, for professing tiredness when they were a billion times more exhausted than I could ever know. Between them, though, they have restored my faith in humanity.  It is impossible to describe how much I needed that.


And then it was over. On Monday morning we went for our last spoons breakfast and signed out our stuff. the Locals from the day before were there, and asked us if we’d enjoyed ourselves. More than they could ever know was the answer.


Next part: From Lincoln to Reading to Sweden!





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