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Diaspora* webbplats översättningsprojekt

Diaspora* webbplats översättningsprojekt

diaspora logo

diaspora logo (Photo credit: M1K3Y)


I’ve been busy helping out the guys at Diaspora* in translating their website into Swedish! Seeing as my Swedish isn’t exactly perfect, the wonderful Emil has been helping me by acting as the proofreader for the Swedish translation part. It’s fun to do as we can do it whenever we have time and he’s able to then see how I’m doing at my Swedish so far.

We haven’t gotten too far through the site yet, so anyone else wanting to get involved is welcome to help out – there’s plenty of space for everyone to get involved. It’s wonderful writing practice, and very amusing at times ( I keep getting told off for using ‘tänka’ instead of ‘tro/tror’).

You need to register to get involved, and the person in charge of the overall project has to confirm you for each area, but seriously – it’s fun

(also, I noticed a big spike in views last night from a few different people, so to whoever it is – Hej! Trevligt att Träffas!)


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  1. Ah, tänkar, tror and tycka. Why can’t they just have one word for think like everyone else! haha. I always to think in my head which one to use!!! It is usually tror!


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