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Monthly Archives: August 2013

så mycket att göra!

This week has been insanely busy really. I’ve met up with my lovely friends from school and had a wonderful chat about how the world is going for everyone as well as gossiping about the interesting things people have done. I’ve also organised my family-leaving do for Wednesday, and begun the process for sorting out my leaving do for my friends (which I’m leaving to their capable hands to finish organising).

Not only that, but I’ve begun the lengthy process of filling in forms and chasing strange trails through the bowels of HMRC’s websites. Needless to say, it gets very complicated when one looks at my exact situation, as because I’m not going to claim benefits before I leave, things get a bit hairy regarding how healthcare works. From what I gather, though, as long as I get a job within six months, I’ll be fine.

It is, however, a very complex beast and I’m hoping that I’ve got it right. Nevertheless, I have filled in the vast majority of my HMRC form and my Student Loans form, so those are sat awaiting the information that will arrive with my P45 so that I can post them off and *hope* that everything works out fine!

I have, however, come across another quagmire full of forms that are really not very nice-looking, so i may have to delve through those next!

Wish me luck!




En besökare från Sverige

The Emil has been here for a visit for the last week. It was wonderful to have him here to stay, and very exciting because we have now marked it down to just one month until I move to Sweden! We had quite a few conversations in half-Swedish, which was encouraging, because whenever he didn’t understand what i said, it was usually because he wasn’t expecting me to say what i did, and so thought i was saying it wrong ( only to realise when i switched to English) that I was totally right ^^.

English: Inside the Humid Tropics Biome at the...

At any rate, we visited some lovely places this week to make the most of his time down in sunny Cornwall. Originally we were planning to visit The Eden Project but due to extreme laziness and the expense we ended up putting it off until another occasion.

English: Sunset at Portreath

English: Sunset at Portreath (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our destinations instead began on Thursday afternoon with the beach at Portreath, where we jumped waves like I have since my early childhood, and laughed until we were blue in the face (although admittedly the blue may have been due to the cold of the North Atlantic creeping into our veins). I must admit that this is one of my favourite things to do, so the chance to do this with Emil on a Cornish beach really made me smile. He was understandably slightly nervous of the Atlantic, used as he is to the timid calm of the Archipelago around Tjörn

English: An image of Hall for Cornwall, Truro,...

We then continued on Friday by visiting Truro, the county capital and my favourite local haunt for a bit of shopping and a lovely cream tea at the Hall For Cornwall. This was a lot of fun, as whilst I learnt that it is almost impossible to get hold of a decent pattern for any form of men’s clothing, I also learnt that Hall for Cornwall’s Cream tea is wonderful, provided you can get the wasps and the seagulls to leave you alone ( although that issue is the same everywhere, I suppose). We topped off the day with a visit to the ever-lovely Victoria Gardens near the station, which have always been one of the loveliest and best-kept secrets of Truro.

Rally steam engines

Saturday was taken up by a visit to Stithians’ showgrounds to see the Steam and Country Fair, which is an annual event where one can go and see loads of vintage cars, tractors, buses and above all, traction engines and steam locomotives. I grew up watching vintage steam rollers and traction engines going up my road as there was an enthusiast who lived near by, but I’m not sure how common it is elsewhere to see so many beautiful machines moving around and puffing steam and smoke through their pipes. Unfortunately, we got absolutely soaked on our visit, but it was a wonderful day out nonetheless. I think there had been more of the engines on the Friday than on the Saturday when we went, but still – we certainly enjoyed ourselves, even if we looked drowned by the time we left!

English: Cyclists at Mount's Bay The sea wall ...

And to top if off, yesterday we visited the ever-popular Penzance and took a stroll across the bay to look at the beautiful St Micheal’s Mount. Initially, the idea was to actually go up the mount to the castle and look at the stuff there, but unfortunately time, tide and public transport got the better of us, so we just satisfied ourselves with paddling our toes in the high-tide waters. The sea was unusually calm and looked just as beautiful as it does in the photo from Wikipedia to the right. It was a lovely last day, and I really enjoyed it – as, I believe, did the Emil. It was topped off by us receiving our contract for our flat via email late yesterday evening, which just about put the icing on the cake.

This morning began bleary-eyed and early at 6am, at which we said goodbye until September, when my final journey to Sweden begins and we shall move into our new home – exciting or what?! Emil has taken a large case containing the fundamentals of my winter wardrobe with him ( and my TARDIS teapot – can’t leave that behind!) so I guess the journey has half begun: Operation: Invading Sverige is go!


Husetkrigen II: Ett ny hopp

So Emil won: we chose the flat. It’s smaller and more expensive, but he’s agreed to pay more of the rent for it than me and to only fill up the clutterroom with his stuff before I move in. The realisation that there is a small communal garden out back too helped, as did realising we’re right next door to Liseberg and the science centre.

Finally, the house wars are over. Now to trying to find a bed that will fit. Oooh ‘eck!


ordet for dagen

Not sure if I mentioned it before, but Emil’s been giving me words of the day. Clearly they’re helping, because I seem to be absorbing Swedish words into my language. I automatically knew that ‘bilder’ were images when I read a status on facebook today from somewhere, and it took a few moments before i realised I had done a direct mental translation: WIN!

recent words of the day:

upptagen – busy/taken (as in ‘i’m taken that day – no can do)

ensam – lonely/alone

klanning – dress

gjort – made

sytt – sewed

‘Allt min vänner är upptagen så jag sytt en klanning medans jag var ensam.’: all my friends are busy so i sewed a dress whilst i was alone.