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Monthly Archives: July 2013


This week has been a busy one. I’m still at my parents’ house in the UK, but I’ve begun the job search and I have also started applying for volunteering opportunities to give me something to do when i first move over to the beautiful country that is Sweden.

Emil, however, has been looking at our two housing options: a house in the suburbs, or a flat in the centre of the city. This afternoon he sent me video and photos of each of the options.

The House

-The house belongs to Emil’s Parents. As such, we know the landlords well
-It’s massive
-It’s pretty, bright and airy
-It’s ridiculously cheap
-It’s nice and quiet
-It’s close to some of Emil’s awesome family members who I like chatting to.
-Plenty of room for a faerie lab and no need to worry about making too much noise

-It’s not quite finished so we shall probably have people coming and going relatively regularly
-One of the rooms will need to be used by Emil’s parents as a storeroom
-Bigger = more cleaning
-It’s in the suburbs with less transport links

The Flat
-It’s in the city
-It’s nice
-Fantastic transport links (very close to a tram-station)
-Has a 2m x 2m clutterroom in basement to store any… clutter

-Bedroom is possibly too small for a double bed (deal-breaker)
-Designed for only one person to live there
-Not as airy
-More expensive
-It’s in the city and thus likely to get loud
-No escape from each other within house if irritated!
-Not as much space for a fairy-lab
-Have to be quiet
-Electricity not included in price


As one might be able to tell, I’m more in favour of the house at this precise moment. The Emil is more in favour of the flat. This is going to be interesting!



meningar i svenska!

igår jag var distraherad med orden matsmältning för det är en konstig ord! Men matsmältning är också en komisk ord. jag gillar det!

( yesterday I was distracted by the word digestion because it’s a very strange word! But digestion is also a funny word. I like that!)

Yes I’m aware my ‘en’ and ‘ett’ aren’t quite right yet, but without the use of any help whatsoever, that isn’t a bad show for someone who’s only been teaching herself swedish for a year and two months on and off.

Ledsen för tystnaden!

It’s been quite a while since my last post: sorry about that! It’s been a little hectic recently.

Firstly, on 30th June I moved out of my old house, resulting in a three-week-long sofa-surfing stint whilst I waited to finish my job. About half of that was spent without reliable internet, so it was relatively difficult to keep people up-to-date with the comings and goings of my life. It was pretty cool staying with all of my closest friends before leaving though, and definitely meant that it felt like we’d caught up ‘good and proper’ before we all bid farewell. However, the last few weeks have been absolutely swelteringly hot, and most of the time was spent trying to stay cool somehow in the blistering heat.

Soon afterwards, the Emil left for Sweden, and has started back at work out there. Hopefully he’ll be heading back over to the UK for a visit in a couple of weeks though, which will certainly be rather on the awesome side.

Also, last week I had an implant fitted, which will hopefully mean that I don’t have to have arguments with nurses every five minutes anymore 🙂 (long story)

Leaving work was surprisingly sad. I received a present and card from one of my students which actually made me shed a few tears. I also was given a surprise by my most awkward class, which was a lot less terrifying than expected, and summed them up completely! I’m going to miss a lot of the staff members that I have made friends with though, and there are a large number of in-jokes that will make me smile for a long time yet.

At the weekend Emil started sending me ‘Words of the day’ in Swedish, and explaining how to use them. It’s quite interesting and very helpful for improving my Swedish!

Leaving my uni town was also very strange. On Saturday we had a huge get-together in the pub and roughly twenty people turned up, which was really nice and heartwarming to see, even if most of them turned up just to make sure I’m actually going.

On Monday a few of us went out to TGIs, then a cocktail bar and to my favourite club, which resulted in a huge amount of hilarity and dancing to ‘thanks for the memories’, which made me smile immensely.

And then on Tuesday I headed home in style, in First Class on the train. Other than a small altercation with an old biddy who walked behind me and then complained that i walked into her with my bag when there were staff who told me to move there, it was a lovely ride home.

So now I’m in sunny Cornwall with my parents, enjoying my summer and clearing out my cupboards of old paperwork and even older books in an attempt to whittle down my possessions into a small enough collection to take with me to Sweden.

Wish me luck!