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Min lilla bit av himlen

Min lilla bit av himlen

Paradiset i Partille


Nästan där!

There are only three weeks and two days left of term. This is a huge relief, as currently work is hugely stressful. Today I received confirmation from work of their receipt of my letter from a few weeks ago and meaning that I will finish work on the last day of term! Not long left! This is all starting to feel very real 🙂

Secondly, my railcard arrived today, which allows me to travel wherever in the UK by train for a third less than it would usually cost. considering that I save the price of the ticket every time I travel to and from Cornwall, I think that’s pretty awesome. How exciting! It also gives me the ability to get cheap youth hostel tickets and membership to various international organisations, which is also rather amazing.

One of my new books

And a book from the other range

Thirdly, my amazing housemate just bought me a couple of beautiful notebooks from Paperchase in which to document my travels. One is going to be for my own personal memories of my time out there, and the second book is to serve as evidence of what I have done in Sweden from an  academic and work point-of-view, just in case my move ends up as something more akin to a ‘Gap Year’ rather than a semi-permanent arrangement.

Now, ‘why is this all relevant?’ I hear you cry. In fact, it couldn’t be more relevant: leaving my current job and my current place of work is the first step on my journey to Sweden, and marks the first chapter in my adventure in living abroad.

A midsommar in Göteborg

A beautiful set of photos of Midsommar in Gothenburg

Me and my pack.

My train arrived late in the afternoon, and so I had missed much of the day’s earlier festivities such as the dance around the midsommarstång (a maypole in Engish). By the time I got out to Slottsskogen to see what a Swedish midsommar was all about, it had started to rain and many of the picnickers were packing up to leave. Some of the more resilient among them remained with their miniature barbecues, and others to dance by the music tent. Many still wore the crowns of flowers, while others had cast them aside. I had expected some sort of public celebrations as the evening progressed, but it seemed that most locals had retreated to the balconies of their apartments to spend time with their friends and family. Perhaps it was just the rain that put the damper on things.

The next day was much like the previous evening, with most…

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en jätte arbetsam vecka

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Yep, this week (and indeed the week before) has been incredibly exhausting and full of exam invigilation and general insanity, combined with some brilliant moments of wonder and unfortunately, quite a bit of illness. Again.

Firstly, I managed to hurt my hand doing the washing up or something on Wednesday, and so have been running around with a bandaged wrist for a few days, then I developed Emil’s cold and started to lose my voice ( not badly though, so it’s ok) and finally, I’ve found myself suffering from another rather irritating mild illness for which I had to fork out £15 for the treatment ( don’t worry – nothing too bad, just the usual). It’s left me rather annoyed.

If you combine with this the fact that I had already visited the doctor once this week and suffered a severe amount of arguing with them, I think I’m safe in saying that I disapprove of the ridiculousness that is caring for my own health and I would quite like it if my body would just work properly and do things correctly without needing all this silly maintenance that seems to be necessary. Hmph.

However, on the upside, I did manage to finally hand in my notice on Wednesday, so I’m officially leaving at the end of term. Huzzah!

My students do not know. This shall be interesting.