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As you might guess from the title, I’ve been home to see the parents.

It was rather fun in all honesty: Emil brought my cases and bags from my house and met me at the station after work, and we got the train down to Cornwall on Friday, visited my grandmother and the beach on Saturday, saw the angry mob and my friends on Sunday, and did nothing on Monday before Emil returned up here ready for his big conference on Tuesday. I stayed home until yesterday morning, then caught the train up.

That, my friends, is the short version of this story. The long version is a bit more amusing. You see, my grandmother has taken a shine to Emil. In her own words, she found him ‘Enchanting’ and ‘felt like after a chat with him I had known him my entire life’. My grandmother and I have an interesting relationship – we’re a little too similar for our own good (that is to say, neither of us believes we are EVER wrong and we enjoy bossing people about. This results in a bit of a personality clash between us). However, Nan was behaving at the weekend and her and Emil got along famously.

The angry mob I referred to earlier is actually my slightly extended family: I have two brothers, a sister, their respective spouses, three nieces and three nephews, as well as my dog. On a Sunday afternoon, everyone descends onto my parents’ small council house kitchen for Sunday Tea: think the Weasleys’ only with less ginger hair and more food. My youngest niece has decided that Emil is her favourite playmate. She’s three years old, and both last time he came to visit and this time, she claimed him and refused to be entertained by anyone else. If he did anything, it was hilarious… if anyone else did it, it was so not funny. Also, every time I gave Emil a hug she gave me dirty looks. It would appear I have competition from a three year old. Wonderful.

My friends seemed to get along with Emil well as well. It was the first time they had all ever met, so it was quite an occasion. However, everyone seemed to get along well enough, even if we were all absolutely exhausted for various reasons.

Meeting my friends was the main reason for the trip, however, a side reason was the removal of all of the superfluous-yet-important stuff from my house up here. Basically, other than clothes, laptop and my bedlinen, I no longer have anything in my up-country house.  My room is almost entirely bare; stage one of moving is 90% complete.


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