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Just as a quick aside before you start reading this, it’s not very relevant to the whole moving-to-Sweden-thing. This particular post is mostly concerned with boring, everyday stuff, so don’t feel  bad if you don’t read it.

So, my voice came back properly on Sunday and I’ve been back at work this week at school. For some strange reason, all of a sudden I’ve found myself filling in a lot of various types of ’cause for concern’ forms. It would appear that worrying issues with children all turn up at the same time, and when they do, one gets swamped by them.

Not only have I been dealing with various ‘CFC’ issues this week, but i have also been tussling with the local council, which started demanding extra money from the council tax. It would appear that they had incompetently thought that a different housemate moved out a few months back, and that we were therefore not eligible for Council Tax benefit; however, after a long drawn out process of looking through the letters and shouting very angrily at people, it would appear that now it has all been sorted and there will soon be a nice hundred-odd quid returning to the house coffers. Yay! Also, that means that Council tax is all sorted. There will be no more of it on this house’s bill, and the account has been closed. Shiney!

Furthermore, my parents have given me a ballpark figure for how much rent money they’d like over the summer, so I now know how much to put aside for them, which is nice (and very very helpful).

What else?

I’ve sold a goodly portion of my belongings and am flogging the rest via the internet or freecycle, so keep an eye open if you’re someone who knows where to look :).

A friend gave birth to a wonderful baby boy, who I am looking forward to meeting very very much.

And reddit has started stealing my life.

I promise more interesting stuff will feature in the next installment of this blog – Sweden’s gone onto a back-burner this week.




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I'm Charlie I spent a year living in Sweden and I'm now a full time librarian in a primary school in the UK. In my spare time I have an allotment, I sew and I bake.

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