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Vad är Svenska för ‘Laryngitis’?

Yep, you’ve guessed it, I’m ill. Which means that this afternoon has been devoted to curling up in front of the computer feeling fed up. It’s not even as if I *feel* ill, I just have an awful sore throat and literally cannot speak. Genuinely. At a good moment I’ll manage to croak something in a terribly low man-voice, followed by a very high squeak and absolutely no sound whatsoever.  Totally in-conducive to teaching.

I visited the doctor, because – obviously – teachers need to be able to talk… preferably really loudly. My ancestors include both a regimental sergeant-major, and a swimming instructor who could hold a swimming gala totally without a megaphone: I have a loud voice. It booms. I like it. It makes it easy to frighten not-so-small children into doing their work. I’m also a massive chatterbox. However, the doctor has now sentenced me to silence until at least monday, under the threat that if I try to speak I could damage my vocal chords permanently. She also said that actually, it could take up to three weeks for them to work properly again, and that the only thing that can be done for my poor larynx is to give it rest.

Proper rest.

So I mustn’t talk or drink. I must try no to whisper as it can also make it worse. If I do talk, I could potentially drag out this pain longer. Much longer. Hmph. If it gets to that point i think I’ll beg work to let me come back and do admin so that I can at least feel like I’m doing something useful.

‘laryngit’ would appear to be the word I’m looking for. Now, if I ever get Laryngitis again I know what to say!



About Lady Octavia

I'm Charlie I spent a year living in Sweden and I'm now a full time librarian in a primary school in the UK. In my spare time I have an allotment, I sew and I bake.

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