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It is a truth universally acknowledged that it is almost impossible to find a flat in Gothenburg. First off, you have to join the queue, and even if you have been in the queue for a year, you can still have a thousand people in front of you who have been waiting longer, particularly in Gothenburg. From what I gather, you should expect to wait a few years really in this queue before you find somewhere suitable. Seriously, it’s insanity! And I thought finding a flat in London sounded like hard work! Therefore, I’ve naturally left the job of finding us a flat to Emil: he understands the system and happens to have a year in the queue behind him already.

It would appear however, that we have lucked out and will have somewhere to stay temporarily: Emil’s parents have agreed (in principle) to let us stay in the flat they’re eventually moving into when they move house.

And having a set place where I will be makes the next stage of the process much, much easier: letting the British Government know all of the little tidbits of information that they need in order to let me leave the country. My break-time today was mostly spent looking up all of the different government departments that I have to send forms to to inform them of my imminent departure from the country and to ask them to kindly refrain from charging the hell out of me in taxes/fees/loan repayments/other generic charges. HMRC’s main moving-abroad form seems to mostly consist of: ‘Where are you going?’  ‘Where are you staying?’  ‘How long are you staying?’  ‘When will you be back?’

Basically, HMRC would sound like overprotective parents, if it weren’t for the fact that the main reason they want to know this information is so that they know where to come looking for you and can remind you, in big, red, bold letters, that they KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE. And yes, they are that bad.

Anyway, the existence of a probable home is much better than the alternative of homelessness, and it means that this is all becoming very, very real.





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I'm Charlie I spent a year living in Sweden and I'm now a full time librarian in a primary school in the UK. In my spare time I have an allotment, I sew and I bake.

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