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Svensk mat

Svensk mat

This time last year, the only thing I knew about Swedish food was that they might have invented meatballs or something.  Other than that, I could only defer to the Muppets’ eternal wisdom with the Swedish Chef’s Popcorn:


However, upon my first visit to Sweden last summer, Emil took great pleasure in introducing me to a whole manner of new tasty concoctions. After he had done so,  I found myself missing them whenever I’m in the UK. As such, last week, upon his return from Sverige, Emil brought me back the following selection of goodies.


I was immediately presented with something which has since been termed ‘Tasty-bread’, in the form of what the Swedes seem to think are ham and cheese sandwiches (smörgås), but which are, in fact, pieces of bread with tasty things on top. Don’t get me started on the impossibility of having a sandwich when two things are not sandwiched together!



Anyway, tasty-bread’s real name is Rågkaka. They’re basically round cakes of rye bread, and they’re unlike anything I’ve really ever had in the UK. I’ve found myself mildly addicted to them, and actually tend to eat them more than the bog standard Hovis that we get over in Brittania



Now, Kanelbullar seem to be absolutely everywhere when I visit Sweden, and it would be absolutely criminal to fail to mention them here. Also, the real thing are just incredibly tasty and I find myself with cravings for them on a regular basis. As such, Emil brought me some back! Upon trying them for the first time, my first thought was that they tasted something similar to Christmas mixed with deliciousness, and ever since I have been on a quest to try and make some of my own Kanelbullar which taste anything like real Swedish ones. Luckily, mine are at least a little more like the real ones than Jamie Oliver’s attempt, which is quite hilarious to watch:


Now, in Sweden there are a ridiculous number of types of Caviar. There’s Kalles Caviar, which comes in a toothpaste tube and I must admit I’m not entirely convinced by, and there’s Rom-Caviar, which is orange and looks like hundreds and thousands suspended in a jelly, but comes in a jar. There are others too, but I can’t remember the other types from memory.

Abba Caviar röd finkornig rom MSC Abbas art nr 3028 EAN 7311171005682

I absolutely love boiled potatoes, salmon and salad with romsås, which is Rom Caviar mixed with natural yoghurt or creme-fraiche with red onions and spring onion added to it. It’s currently my favourite dish to eat, and considering that until I tried this, I hated all forms of fish, I think that’s pretty high praise indeed. Emil brought back some of this last week, and I currently have some romsås in my fridge waiting to be eaten with my final treat from Sweden.


I’m not sure there is a single foodstuff that is more Swedish than Crispbread, but there’s also very little that is quite such a brilliant idea. Think Ryvita only tastier. In Swedish supermarkets there seem to be huge shelves piled high with all different versions of the stuff. Everyone seems to have their own favorite. Emil loves the standard Falu Square-y version, whereas my favourite is the one with the red Dalarna horse on a Navy blue background. Thankfully, he had space for both types.




And that sums up all of the tasty treats I received from Sweden last week. Sometimes I think Emil might be trying to bribe me into moving to Sweden with all the tasty food… if so – it would appear to be working!




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