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Göteborgs bosatt-till-vara

Hello World!

My name is Charlie. I’m a 22-year-old Teaching Assistant from the south-western corner of the  British Isles. In September, I’m embarking upon the trip of a lifetime: I am moving to Göteborg (that’s Gothenburg to me or you) in Sweden.

Yes, I know, it sounds like a mild case of insanity, but basically I’m leaving the UK so that I can follow my Swedish boyfriend back to his hometown and fulfill my lifelong ambition of living abroad for a while. The idea is to stay abroad for a year, but who knows what will happen? I’ll be there for a minimum of six months, and we’ll work it all out from there. This blog is basically here to chart my journeys, my trials and tribulations, and basically so that I have a lovely little record of all of the things I have done and am doing to make Operation Sverige a success.

Why start the blog now then?

I’m beginning this blog now, in April, simply because it will give me somewhere to keep track of all of the associated preamble that goes with a move abroad. I’ve been learning Swedish on and off for about a year so far (och jag kan talar lite svenska, men inte mycket!) and I’ve recently been looking up all of the laws and information regarding moving countries within the EU. It’s all quite an interesting business really, and I thought it might help anyone else thinking of making the move.

So have you sorted out a job out there yet?

The simple answer to that is no, unfortunately. That’s on the growing list of things I’m sorting out at the moment. Luckily, I’ve managed to save myself enough money over the past few years ( I was a very frugal student) that I should be able to survive for up to a year on my savings, particularly as my boyfriend is an absolute angel. In the meantime, I’m a maker – I tend to sew, paint and generally create whenever I get bored. If worst comes to worst, I’m quite likely to start-up a small business making Steampunk clothing, jewellery and other knickknacks for other people if I don’t find something else to do.

I’m also a historian by training, and am interested in studying the effects World War 2 had on Sweden, which could be interesting. I’m hoping to learn enough Swedish to get Göteborg University to let me study there for my masters degree. It’ll be difficult, but nothing’s impossible!

Anyway, all of this will be looked at in more detail later in this blog, so if you’re interested, keep watching 🙂


About Lady Octavia

I'm Charlie I spent a year living in Sweden and I'm now a full time librarian in a primary school in the UK. In my spare time I have an allotment, I sew and I bake.

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  1. hi, thanks for the like, i am also currently considering a move from rainy england across to sweden, lapland to be more precise, i’ll keep an eye out to see how things go and maybe i’ll try to pick up a little swedish while im here

    • Sounds great! I’m hoping to visit Lapland (or indeed, anywhere at the northern end of Sweden) at some point whilst I’m over there. It looks so very beautiful, much more so than the UK seems to most of the time!


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