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Organisera allt

Good news! My laringitis has almost run its course. If i speak softly my voice is almost fine, but I should avoid using it still until it’s 100% better. Either way – back to work on monday 😀

I’ve spent this morning trying to sort out council tax. As far as I’m concerned, we’ve paid all of it – everything they’ve ever asked for from us. However, the council tax people keep changing their mind about how much we owe them, and it’s become so confusing that no-one know’s what’s going on! So I’ve spent this morning sorting out a long letter to the council tax people explaining in minute detail everything from our end, all the dates that we told them *everything* and asking them to update their records because they still have the housemate who moved out over 6 months ago on all the letters!

Also, this begins the process of wrapping up my life in this town. At the end of June I shall be officially moving back in with my parents (in reality, I’m sofa-surfing for 3 weeks first whilst I finish all the stuff to do with work.) I will then be going to Asylum in September, and from there leaving for Sweden directly. Oh eep! This is starting to look very, very real!

One step closer to Sweden. Yay!



Jag måste inte tala: Dag 2

And yes, I’m bored. Spent most of yesterday evening chatting to Emil with the aid of a whiteboard and pen and practicing Swedish in such a way. Unfortunately, I’m an awful patient. I detest being ill, and so am prone to random grumpy attacks at the moment, so Emil has gone to hide do some revision somewhere else where I can’t shout at him.

Today’s tasks are likely to be watching Disney’s ‘ Trassel’ (Tangled in English, but Emil bought me the Swedish version. Technically it should be called Intrasslad (entangled), but they’ve gone with the simpler ‘tangle’ ), more guild wars 2, and a little bit of sewing.

Oh yes: sewing.

I’m not sure whether I’ve discussed this yet, but I love to sew. I make things whenever I have the chance to do so, and currently have a thing for sewing hobo-gloves out of old, recycled materials. I’m considering making an Etsy page to sell off my creations, but I haven’t quite gotten that far yet. Most of the things I sew tend to be related to Steampunk in some way, and my gloves  are always either brilliant for a deckhand of an airship, or are designed for the fair fingers of a rich lady of the Victorian aristocracy. I make a wide variety of things.

Also, I’m tempted to make a kraken.

Seeing as I’m not allowed to use my voice at all ( see yesterday’s post) I might as well have fun sitting here without people. However, I seem to have at least a tiny bit of voice back, so this is clearly doing some good.


Vad är Svenska för ‘Laryngitis’?

Yep, you’ve guessed it, I’m ill. Which means that this afternoon has been devoted to curling up in front of the computer feeling fed up. It’s not even as if I *feel* ill, I just have an awful sore throat and literally cannot speak. Genuinely. At a good moment I’ll manage to croak something in a terribly low man-voice, followed by a very high squeak and absolutely no sound whatsoever.  Totally in-conducive to teaching.

I visited the doctor, because – obviously – teachers need to be able to talk… preferably really loudly. My ancestors include both a regimental sergeant-major, and a swimming instructor who could hold a swimming gala totally without a megaphone: I have a loud voice. It booms. I like it. It makes it easy to frighten not-so-small children into doing their work. I’m also a massive chatterbox. However, the doctor has now sentenced me to silence until at least monday, under the threat that if I try to speak I could damage my vocal chords permanently. She also said that actually, it could take up to three weeks for them to work properly again, and that the only thing that can be done for my poor larynx is to give it rest.

Proper rest.

So I mustn’t talk or drink. I must try no to whisper as it can also make it worse. If I do talk, I could potentially drag out this pain longer. Much longer. Hmph. If it gets to that point i think I’ll beg work to let me come back and do admin so that I can at least feel like I’m doing something useful.

‘laryngit’ would appear to be the word I’m looking for. Now, if I ever get Laryngitis again I know what to say!


Steampunk i Sverige

One of the things I’m really looking forward to being involved in when I move to Sweden is the emerging Steampunk scene. The internet is full of  explanations of Steampunk and what it is, but I’ve found that for me the closest description seems to be ‘Victorians with laptops and new rocks.’ I won’t patronise you with any explanation other than that: if you’re interested in the idea – google it! Just don’t let anyone tell you that something *isn’t* steampunk. Anyway, I’m quite heavily involved in Steampunk in the UK, I’ve been to Asylum once already and am hoping to attend again this September (and hopefully every year even whilst I’m living in Sverige). In the UK it has become quite a big thing, particularly with Asylum and the various other events put on by the British VSS, who are the main co-ordinating force in the UK.

In Sweden, the community seems to be much younger and only just emerging really. To my knowledge, not many big events have been held so far over there, but this is all about to change: in October, Alingsås is  holding the Steampunk-konvent. And me and the Emil have tickets. And we might be getting involved in running workshops and other interesting things. And I am *incredibly* excited by this thought. Not only will I get to meet an amazing variety of people interested in similar things to me, but I might get the chance to give something back and build up a new part of a community that nurtures the good, the well-mannered and the creative in people.  Steampunk is something that is a force for good, and is very much geared towards re-purposing and the reuse of items rather than the mindless consumerism that plagues the globe these days.  And I’m going to be a part of it!

Now, I just have to work out what on earth I’m going to talk about!


Swedish Language Learning Games

Swedish Language Learning Games

This website was also very useful when I first started learning Swedish so that I could get some of the basics.